April 9, 2018


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


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I got transferred to Miles City, Montana. There's only 4 areas in Montana,
and like 25 in North Dakota, 20 in South Dakota, 3 in Nebraska, and 3 in
Minnesota. I've never served in North Dakota, and I am now serving in my
3rd area in Montana. Also I'm on my 5th area in less than a year. My
companion was on his second area at a year. Lol I hope that it means I help
areas and then leave to go fix new ones instead of me stinking them up and
getting replaced by better missionaries. Who knows, who knows haha.

I learned so much from my last companion and my last area, I could
literally fill 4 pages front and back in a notebook. That's because I wrote
the lessons learned and it filled that much. Just one thing of probably
about 30 things, is that life is all about attitude. Life is 5% what
happens to you, and 95% how you intentionally respond. It has nothing to do
with what people tell you. When Elder Jacobs and I washed Canyon Lake,
every single missionary we met (about 15 missionaries) told us that our
ward is the worst in Rapid, if not the mission, and our area is also the
worst in Rapid, if not the mission. We had a great attitude and vision, and
the next week, we had 12 lessons, and by the end of the transfer, we had
taught 72 lessons, found 9 solid investigators. The previous 5 missionaries
we washed only had about 4 or 5 investigators total, 3 of which dropped us
within days of us being there. The ward is on fire, coming with us to
lessons, and giving us referrals. There were 3 baptisms on Saturday, and a
few more investigators are making great progress towards baptism.
That being said, Miles City has exactly 0 investigators, and aren't really
teaching much less actives (the missionaries before I got here contacted
the entire ward list multiple times and only 2 or 3 people want to meet
with us). I know that even with a great attitude, vision, and hard work,
not everything will turn successful, but I know it has a much greater
chance of doing so. I don't know what to expect. I'm going to simply do my
best. This area has been really slow for about 6 months or so. I'm going to
see what I can do to leave this area better than I found it, and hopefully
not get transferred after only 1 transfer.

Frank, Joseph, and Lyle got baptized on Saturday. I wasn't there to see it
because I was here in Miles City, but my companion took pictures and will
send them to me. I'll probably send them to y'all next week.

My year mark, my halfway point is this Thursday, April 12th. I can't
believe it happened that fast.

My new address:
116 Atlantic Ave #33
Miles City MT 59301

1: My new companion Elder Hindes! (My former zone leader when I was in
2: This quote struck me the other day
The rest of the pictures are from the Motorcycle Museum in Sturgis, South
Dakota, where the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally happens every year, turning the
town or 5 or 6 thousand to about 800 thousand for about a week. All
bikers. ​












Love ya,
Elder Westlake


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