January 8, 2018


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Re: FDD/letter

We had our baptism.

Transfers are this week, but for some unknown reason, they're doing
transfer calls tomorrow on Tuesday, which never happens... so I'll email
you tomorrow to let you know if I'm staying or leaving.

I am still playing the organ. It's pretty easy. It's cool!

I'm excited for your FDD!

The weather has been warmer this week, some days a high of 15-20, yesterday
it got up to 40!!! Super warm!!! :) Back isn't stiffeing up.

Teaching's going well :)

I'm excited for President Nelson!

Elder Westlake

On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 6:22 AM, Claire Westlake <> wrote:

Good Morning Son!
A sister you gave my email to sent a picture of you playing the piano
while a young lady was conducting. I am guessing you had your baptism?
Congratulations! Tell us all about it!
Glad you are using your talents to help spread the gospel. Are you still
playing the organ? Is it easy for you? What do you think about that?
Our Family Discovery Day is this Saturday. I am fling in a man from the
Family History Guide to be our keynote speaker. He will also be speaking
at RootsTech next month.
Jeanette and Gene Cline signed up for it last night. I am shocked! They
are the older couple that always conduct the last two groups in Cavalcade.
She is one of the founding mothers of DVMTA. I will call her later today.
It's a great missionary tool. You should organize a small one and invite
everyone in the community to it. Do you have a computer lab in your
Annette Holt is coming up from Tucson and our neighbor Rhonda Raper is
coming and bringing a friend. 150 or so have signed up which usually means
double to triple that will show up. I really hope that happens again!
Tell me about the weather. How are you holding up? Back isn't stiffening
Tell us about your teaching. Use family history. Everyone loves to hear
about it. You can show them Family Search or my Facebook pages or our
family websites.
Dad has been busy in his garden.
We are saddened with the passing of President Monson but are looking
forward to President Nelson's leadership. It is cool how we are not
worried about who is taking over and if anything will change. Not worried
about the Church at all. It's neat how we trust in the Lord and that all
will be well.
Love you Son! I get to help change lives with this FDD. I am off to make
plans and tie up loose ends.
Have an amazing day and week!
Love ya,
Elder Westlake


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