January 22, 2018


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Gift of Tongues! And Blessings.


I never imagined I'd have the gift of tongues on my mission, especially
considering I'm speaking English, but since my companion is a Spanish
speaker, we get to have lessons now in Spanish, well, he gets to teach
lessons while I sit there lol. But, we were in a lesson with Joaquun this
week, completely in Spanish, and I could feel the Spirit helping me to at
least understand the general idea of what they were talking about half the
time. The Spirit was super strong in that lesson. There was an amazing
moment where I felt a strong impression to pull out my mini Old Testament,
New Testament, and Book of Mormon, from the same set, and hold them
together and show Joaquun them so he could see we like and read the Bible,
the Bible and Book of Mormon go hand in hand, helping prove each other
correct and right. Joaquun and Elder Millett responded well in the lesson,
and after the lesson Elder Millett told me that was perfect and exactly
what was needed in that moment, and helped a ton. That was super cool!

I got to give multiple blessings this week, and they've all helped to build
my testimony of blessings. One of them was a Sister in our ward. In it God
prompted me to say some very specific, and direct things, in regards to her
ex husband, her future husband, her children, her influence on specific
ward members, her decision to move out of Ashley eventually, what legacy
and influence she'll leave behind, etc. When I received those promptings I
was like, "Uh.... you want me to say that God? I will because it's Your
will, but I'm putting a lot of faith in Thee!!!" I guess He was putting a
lot of faith in me too. All I know is my testimony and confidence in my own
ability to be the Lord's mouthpiece has grown. And I'm grateful for that.
I'm grateful that God trusts me enough to be His mouthpiece. It's all come
from practice, by the way. If you're scared to give blessings, give them
and you'll become less scared. God will grow your ability to be His
instrument. It's so cool when it happens.
1: Me getting a haircut from a Sister missionary
2: Me realizing I'm getting a haircut from a Sister missionary
3: The squad at the ward potluck (awesome member missionaries, three recent
converts, an investigator who's the most awesome guy I've ever met, and us
4: Frost on the window
5: Yes, I'm *that* guy who takes selfies lol​

Love ya,
Elder Westlake


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