February 12, 2018


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Feeling God's Love For Others


Giving blessings is cool. I got to be the voice for three blessings last
week, all in one day. It's interesting, because I get to feel what God
feels for these people. I remember a blessing I was the voice for a while
ago, the person receiving it had been going through a *really* rough time
for the last month or two, and I have never felt more sorrow in my life. In
the middle of it I broke down in tears, and bent over in pain, and then
felt that replaced with pure excitement and joy for the great blessings
that lay in store for this person. I felt Christ's pure sorrow for the pain
that this person was put through, but felt it replaced with Christ's pure
excitement and joy for the blessings that lay in store because of those
trials. In order for us to comprehend new and higher levels of joy,
happiness, and peace, we must first experience the opposite. If we didn't
experience its opposite, we couldn't comprehend it.
Being the voice for one of the blessings last week, I started laughing in
the middle of it. The blessing mentioned that Christ was laughing with joy
because of how proud he was of the person receiving the blessing. It's
really cool being able to feel Christ's emotions. The emotions I feel while
being the voice for blessings feel... pure. Untainted, complete. They are
not my own. It's been really cool.

We learned something from our Mission President this week, a quote from a
general authority. "The families and individuals who don't sup from The
Book of Mormon daily are in the same danger as those who didn't board the
ark." I'm grateful I do my best to read from it every day!!! Even if it's
just a few verses, I can feel a tangible difference in the days I read
verses the days I don't.. I testify to you that will happen for you too.
I've seen it in others' lives.

I talked to one of the ward members yesterday, and he said that when I bear
my testimony, he knows that I know. That struck me, and I thought about it.
And he's right. I do know. It's not even a testimony at this point. It's a
knowledge that I have. This church, and it's teachings, is reality. Jesus
Christ is truly at the head of it, directing it and bringing as many of His
children home through it as possible.

Also, I talked to my Mission President last week, and there's a 99% chance
I'm getting transferred next Thursday, the 22nd. If you're looking to send
me something, either do it today or wait until I get you my new address in
a couple weeks. :)

1: I love these South Dakota skies, they extend forever
2: Truth

Love ya,
Elder Westlake


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