February 19, 2018


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Bunny Trails with Breadcrumbs!!!


Transfers are this week, and we don't get transfer calls until tomorrow.
Don't send anything until next week! :)

This week was really cool, we had a night that was very Spirit led. Pretty
much it started off as us trying some Spanish speaking potentials, because
my companion is a Spanish speaking Elder. (One of the few up here in the
North Dakota mission) We were able to have a lesson with Joaquun, who we
haven't seen in an entire month. The Spirit was really strong in that
lesson. Then we were driving to another investigator, and we saw this
massive apartment building that seemed oddly... correct. We knew we needed
to stop there. We tried one of the doors, and it was locked. We felt guided
to the side, where we were able to get in to the mail area, but the door
after that into the building was locked. We felt that we needed to leave a
Book of Mormon in the mail collection area, with a specifically worded
message in the front page, with our phone number. We did so, and left.
We'll see what comes of that. Then, we felt we should go get a carwash and
pray what to do next while we were getting it. We did so, and we felt that
we should try another specific potential. We tried her, no answer. We drove
away, and on the same street, one of our old investigator's cars was in the
driveway, he's never home because he works 80 hours a week. It had been two
solid months since we'd last even seen him. We felt like we should knock,
and we did, and had an amazing lesson with him, reading the Book of Mormon
with him. He said he's going to come to church this Sunday.
It was interesting, because on my mission I've experienced that the Lord
will give us bunny trail promptings that lead us to one breadcrumb after
the other, until we accomplish His purposes. It's been cool, because my
companion will feel prompted to do one thing, and we do it, then I'll
receive a prompting to do it, and we do it, then he'll feel prompted to do
one thing, etc etc. It always leads to really cool experiences. The Lord
truly does place us in companionships because we are both needed equally
for different purposes.

I'm so grateful to be out here guys. Seriously, if you still have the
opportunity to serve a mission, it's more than worth it. Every thing you
do, every struggle you go through, comes back to you in blessings by a
multiple of a thousand.

1: What ADD missionaries do when bored at emailing... we build the Salt
Lake Temple with pen caps as support beams and books as the floors! :)
2: ​​Just some of the awesome people I got to know here
3: A really cool family that taught me a lot

Love ya,
Elder Westlake


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