October 9, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Almost Halfway to Halfway There

Hello Everyone!

Thursday is my six month mark.

The missionary work here in Wolf Point continues to go solidly.

I've heard that this mission is one of the top 5 lowest baptizing missions
on the planet.
#encouragement :)

The only climates comparable to this mission are Siberia and Antarctica.
Not even Alaska or Canada get this cold, because we have the jet stream and
they don't. The coldest my companion has seen on his mission is -75 degrees
Fahrenheit. :)

We had zone conference last week in Bismarck with Elder Duncan of the
Seventy, and one thing that may change in our mission is we may be staying
in one area for 9 months, with the majority of that being with one
The cool part of being in Bismarck, my companion had a person he
reactivated take out his endowments, so we got to do a session with him.
It's been too long haha. I'll always live within a 20 minute drive of a
temple so I can go there minimum once a week. :) Seriously, it's been too
Oh, and it's cool that it was a 6 hour drive one way from Wolf Point to
Bismarck. Now the drive from Mesa to San Diego doesn't seem bad at all. :)
I'll probably buy a Prius when I get home in 2019 so I can go to San Diego
once a week lol :)

1: The drive from Bismarck to Wolf Point was beautiful with the sunset for
an hour or two :)
2: Still driving in beauty :)
3: Still driving in beauty :)
4: You guessed it, still driving in beauty :)
5: Some cool missionaries serving about 6-12 hours away from me haha still
in the same mission. :)

710 US Highway 2 E
Wolf Point, MT 59201

Elder Westlake


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