October 30, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Desiree, The Refiner's Fire

Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty sweet! Last Monday, we got Monster Burgers with a
member in our ward, they were between 1 and 2 pounds of pure meat. They
were so big!!! Then, we moved a washing machine and dryer into that same
member's home, and we hooked up the hoses... apparently not too well
because he called us the next day informing us that there was water
everywhere because the hoses weren't super tight. :) He then told us he had
a drain in the floor next to the washing machine so nothing actually got
damaged. Hooray blessings and silver linings :)

We went to Grand Forks, for zone conference, which is on the border of
North Dakota and Minnesota. I've now been to four of the five states in our

We went to a Catholic Mass, because we're good friends with one of the
Fathers up here. It was my first time going to a Catholic Mass.

We are teaching this really solid investigator, Desiree! (Pronounced
Desirae) She is on date for November 11th, and has been progressing and
keeping all the commitments so far. She is fourteen, and comes from an
abusive family situation, but has moved to live with members in our ward,
and they are so great for her! She says "Duh, of course that's the way it
is" to everything we teach her, and then she does what we commit her to and
her testimony is growing!
Another cool thing with this is she needs permission to get baptized from
her Grandma, who is kind of anti, and her Grandma said yes
enthusiastically, and wants to come to her baptism!!! Miracles!

I didn't realize how difficult my last transfer in Wolf Point was. I have
felt such a burden lifted by coming here, and I also distinctly remember
multiple times last transfer in Wolf Point, when I was having specific
really rough moments, I heard the prompting each time, "The Lord brings us
low, so he can bring us higher." Well, I have passed through the low
moments, and I feel high right now. :) Lol let me rephrase that. I can feel
that I'm happier than ever before, better than ever before, and more
righteous. There are things that I'm realizing that I'm better at, even
though I haven't specifically worked on becoming better at those things.
The Lord really perfects you and refines you on the mission through
interesting ways, and things get burned out of you that you don't even
specifically work on. Watch the Mormon Message "The Refiner's Fire". It's
so true.

1: Desiree!
2: Sunset
3: Aberdeen in a nutshell, sidewalks laced with trees, pure beauty. Pretty
much looks like Hocus Pocus was filmed here :)
4: Look at all the elevation change, :), a member here ran 8 miles, and his
watch that measures elevation didn't change a single number once

Elder Westlake


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