November 13, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA




We went to Rapid City for Zone Conference, I got to see Mount Rushmore!
Granted it was dark, but still.

Desiree and Kelsey got baptized and confirmed! I will continue to testify
that one of my favorite parts of the mission is seeing people when they
first start taking lessons, and seeing the light come into them as they
continue to take all the lessons, then more light comes into them when
they're baptized, and the biggest jump in light in them comes when they
receive the Holy Ghost. There is a tangible difference in their
countenance, in their spirit, their radiance. I know when you're doing
things that Jesus, who's alive, has commanded, you're blessed, happy, and
are especially watched over.

I got to play the organ in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and they want me to
do it often. I'm pumped! :)

I had the opportunity to be the voice for a priesthood blessing to a sister
in the ward. She had the specific overwhelming prompting to ask
specifically me for one, after I bore my testimony in fast and testimony
meeting yesterday. The things that God told her through me were absolutely
incredible. Heavenly Father used my experiences that led to my testimonies
of different things to bless her. Heavenly Father truly does prepare you,
try you in difficult ways to help you grow and progress, to bless and help
others along their path, their progression back to God's presence.
There are people here that I know I covenanted with in the pre-mortal life
to help each other here at this point in time, to have specific moments and
experiences that help us through our difficulties and progress and grow.
I've been helping people, and those same people have been helping me. It's
absolutely incredible. This week has been filled with the Spirit, it's been
so strong. Please serve a mission if you're thinking about it. It'll be the
best thing you ever do.

1: I thought Montana was flat, South Dakota is this flat in every direction
2: Mount Rushmore at night
3: Kelsey with the Sisters
4: Desiree

Elder Westlake


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