December 11, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Re: Hello

Haha that's awesome. Definitely tell them to get prepared for playing on
their mission. :) I'm filling in every other week for sacrament.

That's absolutely ok that you used the quote and everything.

That's cool with the Christmas tree. Take a picture of it, and the
Christmas village! Show me! :)

That's sweet you played in the stake fireside, and great for the Lee girls

The weather's nice. I have enough clothes haha. I'm interested to see what
negative temperatures feel like.

We're teaching people. A few? I don't know lol. Enough to keep us busy! :)
The ward is probably 150 people. It's cool!

Love you!

On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 6:41 AM, Claire Westlake <> wrote:

Good Morning Son!
How has your week been? Several people asked about you at Church. I also
told every LDS student that you played for all three hours at church. It
helps motivate them to get prepared.
I sent the one paragraph you wrote in your last letter about feeling the
presence of the ancestors during blessings and how they help us in our day
to day activities to the presenters of our FDD. One presenter asked if she
could use that quote and asked your name. Hope that was OK. It was such a
great quote! I am loving your letters and so pleased about how hard you
are working and how you are keeping your spirits up!
We got the new Christmas tree up. It is taller than the old one and is
pre-lit. The top section is not working but we don't care. Haha! SO much
easier to put up. The bulbs that came with it are red and gold. Dad put it
up. He also bought a TON of houses from a Christmas village and put them
up on the skinny plant shelf that is by the kitchen.
We had the big stake fireside last night. The Lee girls sang beautiful,
my playing was not so good. I still get so nervous. Lots of compliments on
the song.
How is the weather and your new coat? How many people are you teaching?
How is the new ward? How big is it?
Can't wait to hear from you in a few minutes!
Love you!
Elder Westlake


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