December 26, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA




Wow. I can see why they only allow missionaries twice a year to video call
their families. I didn't get it until yesterday. I just wanted to be with
them again haha. It was incredible seeing them again, seeing all the
changes in the family, but at the same time seeing how incredibly the same
they all are. It was yesterday that I realized how much I love my family,
and how much I want to be with all of them for all eternity. I also
realized how much I want to create my own family to be with for all
eternity. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ restoring His Gospel so we can
all live with each other in His presence for all eternity.

Something my brother Jason and my sister-in-law Julia asked me yesterday,
was what my favorite part of my mission so far is. The answer to that was
and is: my testimony. It's grown. It's become not just a testimony, but a
knowledge that this is reality. It isn't a question for me that Jesus
Christ is our Savior, and that He's alive today and will forever be alive.
It isn't a question for me that this is His Gospel He's once again placed
on the Earth to give us the opportunity to progress and become like Him.
There are no other ways, no other churches, that will allow us to return to
live with Him with our families for eternity. *This* is the way. *This* is
reality. We all accepted His plan in the life before this, when we lived
with Him. We all decided that we wanted to become like Him, and that we
wanted to have what He has, be like He is, do what He does. Jesus provided
a way for us to do that, which is to come to this Earth, receive a body,
and learn for ourselves what pain, sorrow, remorse, feels like, so we can
know the good, the happiness, peace, joy, that Christ feels, and we can
learn through experience what we want. I know what I want. I want to become
like Christ. What do you want?

This holiday season has been my favorite in my memory. The letter our
Mission President sent us last week that I sent all you, definitely rings

Also, it's going to be below -30 a few days this week, and when that
happens, we're required to stay inside by our Mission President. :) If you
know of any fun things to do inside all day, let us know :). Don't get me
wrong, we'll study our scriptures a lot, but when you do that for 16 hours
a day for three days straight... sometimes it's nice to have something else
to do. :)

1: This is totally my profile picture if I had Facebook out here
2: This was pretty
3: Whoooooooa
4: Christmas Eve after church

Love ya,
Elder Westlake


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