January 1, 2018


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen


Welp, it's a fun time when there's no snow on the road, but you still get
no traction because the rubber on the tires is so cold that it's frozen
solid. :) Lol try -24 raw temp on for size, tires!
It's an awesome time when it's -20, and a 5 mph breeze brings the
temperature down to -40.
It's an awesome time when the overnight lows are -30, with the windchill
bringing it down to -50.
I never believed in windchill, having lived in Arizona my entire life.
Well, allow me to inform you that it is entirely too real. 0_0
A 5mph breeze will take it from -10 to -30. When the actual 20-30 mph winds
come, it takes it from -10 to -50, instantaneously. Much less a 40-50 mph
gust. :) It's especially fun when it's -25 raw temp, instead of -10. :)
But literally, when you turn and you start sliding even though there's no
snow, it's a fun time :)
It was so funny during the Christmas call, my family asked me what the
temperature was. I was like, "Uh, -5, what's the temperature in AZ?" "68"
lol cool :)

Even though it was pretty cold this week, we still were able to get a lot
of work done.
Brooke's getting baptized on Friday.
We were able to help move a Catholic priest across town.
We had a party with a lot of our investigators and recent converts at a
member's house, really has helped them feel like a part of the ward
We've been eating so much candy and drinking so much hot chocolate, all of
which was sent to us. Thank you family!!!

1: What you wear to church when it's -20 :)
2: Proof that it's -20
3: This pretty much sums up 99% of North Dakota, when it's not sunny

Love ya,
Elder Westlake


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