July 17, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


What Is Consistency

Hello Everyone!

Apparently there is no such thing as consistency in missionary work. This
last week we taught probably about 10 lessons. Compared to two the week
before. What changed? Not our approach to setting up appointments. So we
don't really know what haha. Also, we found three new investigators. Don't
get me wrong, we saw one of them, and he told us "don't call me, I'll call
you", another one didn't answer when we came back for the lesson, and we
have an appointment set up with the third. Hopefully we'll get one out of
the three! Either way, much better than last week, and back to (a bit
better than) normal.​

When we were knocking doors, we met this man named Roger, and we talked to
him about the Book of Mormon for about 40 minutes. We had been praying to
meet someone that day that we knew we were supposed to meet. When talking
to him, me and Elder Porter both had the distinct impression that we were
supposed to meet him and talk to him that day. Super cool. We came back,
and he was the one that told us to not call him or stop by, but he'll read
the Book of Mormon and call us if he has questions.

Ooooooooh, and Javier. Last week, he sent us a text that he's going to
another church now, so he doesn't want to take lessons from us anymore.
Sad. On Saturday, we were fasting that we'll be able to see him again. We
went to a member's house for dinner, the same members home we've been
teaching him in, and he was there!!!! We taught him the Plan of Salvation,
and now he's on date for baptism August 12th. Apparently last week, he was
feeling bad because he had court the next day to try to get custody his
daughter back, and he was feeling bad and lonely around all these families
with tons of kids. He's back now and wants to progress and become a better

Lizzy. She wants to get baptized, but feels halted because she can't get
baptized until her boyfriend she lives with (and has children with) marries
her. She felt really bummed when we told her that. We told her that there
are things she can do to progress and bring her really close to baptism (go
to church each week, pray every day, read the scriptures every day, obey
the Word of Wisdom, etc.), and when she does all these things, and prays
for help, God will see her desire to get baptized and live righteously, and
will help her out with the whole getting married thing. That made her super

Also, the mission is totally a refiner's fire. There's so many things I
didn't even know that I had that I've been able to recognize, and overcome.
I'm already so much better of a person. #ThatSoundsConceited
But seriously! I can't wait to see how much better I can continue to
become. I know that everyone who's served a mission will agree with me!

Also, I got to see the Terry Badlands. Super awesome. Also, huckleberries
and anything huckleberry flavored (ice cream, sodas, milkshakes) is
suuuuuper good. Also, fry bread is super good too! Especially when it's
homemade. :)

Also, I remember when I was in Arizona, and I thought all the time "Why
would anybody ever live here it's so hot", and now I'm like "Why would
anyone not live in Arizona, it gets just as hot everywhere else (107 here
in Montana woot woot), and it has 70-99% humidity everywhere else, and
everywhere else also gets down to freezing and negative temperatures during
the winter, sometimes coupled with horrible wind, and Arizona has perfect
winters with no wind and no humidity, and comparatively the exact same
summer, but with no humidity and also no wind." Arizona is so much better
than anywhere else to live haha. I love it here in Montana though!!! Simply
makes me appreciate Arizona.

Sorry about the long email!!! Simply stoked about all the great things
happening around here in Sidney. :)

1: Pink Sky Rainbow
2: Duuuuude
3: Duuuuuude
4: Thuggin
5: Haaaaay
6: Beautiful
7: Oil rig (These are *everywhere* up here)
8: Cuteness
9: Duuuude
10: The cliff I fell off of in the video​​​

Elder Westlake


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