July 24, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


The Power Of Prayer

Hello Everybody!!!

Elder Porter and I have been experiencing the power of prayer. Instead of
just tracting (knocking doors) as much as we can, we pray about where to
tract, and that we will specifically find someone that is in need of the
Gospel, and that we'll know we needed to talk to them today. Every single
time we do this, we find people and teach them the restored Gospel of Jesus
Christ that is back again on the Earth. And we feel specifically prompted
that they needed to hear the Gospel from us today. One person, Amy, was in
one of our outlying towns, so it was a trek for us. We had prayed to know
where to tract, and we received the impression to go out to a road in
Fairview, which is a good drive for us, and tract there. When we got there,
we prayed to find someone who needed to hear the Gospel. We met Amy in one
of the homes on that street. Two of her sisters died last year in their
20's, and her uncle died last year too. We taught her the Plan of
Salvation. That brought hope to her. :) The power of prayer is real people!
When you pray for specific things, you receive specific blessings!!! Don't
just pray vaguely, like to just have a good day. You can, but if you pray
for specific things, you receive specific blessings.
We've gone from knocking 100 doors and having 1 person let us in, to
tracting 10 and having 3 or 4 let us in. My faith to find has increased by
100%, and my faith in praying specifically has also increased tremendously.

Transfers are happening this week, so I'll be getting a new companion, and
I'm staying in Sidney. I'll miss Elder Porter, I couldn't have asked for a
better trainer!

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Elder Westlake


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