August 7, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


What I've Learned

Hello Everybody!

Javier. Stoked. He's getting baptized next Saturday, and is keeping all
commitments, and has given up coffee, alcohol, and had absolutely no
objections whatsoever to Tithing and Fast Offerings. In fact he already
donates to charity after each paycheck, and loves helping those in need.
He's also scheduled to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead two
weeks after his baptism. We just found out the temple will be closed for
cleaning that day, so we'll have to move that one week back. #stoked

Walking. Elder Moon loves walking. After walking a few miles for a few days
in a row now, and having seen the blessings come from it, I'm converted to

Pens. We're making them with some members in our ward. I'm making a
fountain pen! #stoked

Pat. We knocked on her door about 4 weeks ago, and she has been coming to
church again ever since. We think it had been a few years since she's last
come, and now she's been coming to church each week, because we knocked on
her door and started visiting with her. She's about 70. Super cool.
Then there's Terry. He converted about 10 years ago, fell away do to some
trials. One of the members in our ward was getting their car fixed by Terry
one day, and they had the scriptures in the back of their car. Terry saw
them, and said, "It's been a while since I've been to church, since I've
read my scriptures. I need to do that." So we've been working with him for
two or three months, and then he got a calling in the young men's. Since
he's received the calling, he's been to church for three weeks in a row,
and has been at mutual each week too.

Fair. It was fair week, and members wanted us to go to it, so they made it
easier for us to go financially. We went three out of four nights it was
open, and we got some fair hot dogs, deep fried oreos, deep fried snickers,
and funnel cake. All super good. Although, if you have the whole plate of
funnel cake, you throw up a bit in the morning. :) Tasted great going down!
I also bought a keychain alpaca. :) It is made from cloth or string or
something. Super legit.

Mission. What I've learned from it.
I've learned how to trust people. To not be closed off. How to give love.
How to receive love. Because of my last two companions, especially the
first, I've really opened up. I don't close myself off behind walls
anymore. That is all due to my first companion, and my new companion is
helping me grow even stronger. To everyone out there, serve a mission. In
less than four months, I've become so much better of a person. I've become
much happier. I have much more belief and hope in people. And I'm loving
this better view on life. Thank you Elder Porter. :)

1: Deep fried oreos, skateboards, USA hats. I love America, and American
fairs. :)
2: Elder Moon and I
3: The river
4: Also the river
5: Sidney. Haha I love small towns :)

Elder Westlake


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