September 4, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Re: Hello!

That's great that the Sutherlins are coming back!!!

Hahaha earthquakes, fires, and floods... God's trying to tell us something.

Sister Shumway's amazing! She's a recent convert (December 2016) who is
going to go to the temple with her family names soon!

The roll up piano is awesome!!! We're loving it!

On Sun, Sep 3, 2017 at 5:40 PM, Claire Westlake <> wrote:

Dear Son,
Hope you are having a wonderful week. Church was amazing! The
Sutherlin's are coming back to church. Their Dad just bore his testimony
for the first time and said being inactive is not a good thing. Their two
youngest boys are getting baptized this Friday.
Bear Lake experienced a 5.3 earthquake last night. They have had 53
smaller tremors since then. Yellowstone has been nailed as well. Have you
felt any? Dianne Lowther also told me that in her hometown in Kansas they
are having some shaking going on down there too.
Your friend that you helped with FH reached out to me last week. Another
really nice lady. Is she a member? She is a Shumway. What's her story?
I am so pleased that you remembered to use your FH skills. I am telling
you...the best way to open doors is through your piano and your FH. It
will get the conversation going.
How is the roll up piano? Pretty cheap? Sound quality?
I got to eat an early dinner with Tisha and Annette yesterday. Tisha said
she sent you an email for your birthday. They are such givers!
We just secured the Keynote Speaker for our upcoming Family Discovery
Day. Bob Ives from the Family History Guide. So exciting!
Looks like all of Jason's high school friends went up to Vancouver to see
him . He took them hiking.
Hope Javier is doing OK.
Love you!
Elder Westlake


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