September 11, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Re: Hello!

The transfer is going great! My new companion is Elder Morse, from Hershey,
Pennsylvania. Wolf Point is pretty much the nicest reservation in the
mission. I have definitely felt the Lamanite Guardian Angel in my presence
:). I am definitely coming to love the Lamanite people, they are very
humble, and very giving. :)

Yeah, we've heard about all of the natural disasters. Pretty gnarly!!! I
was just thinking a few weeks ago that it's been a while since we've had
heavy natural disasters. I jinxed us!!! :)

I'm totally going to write Elder Ah Nee as well! Elder Renel is getting
married??? Awesome!!! If you have his email, totally send it to me haha :)

I'll tell Ryan happy birthday next week :) Tell Andy hi for me :)

Jess did send me some stuff!!! I don't have her email address to say thank
you!!! Send me her email so I can!!!!!!!

Elder Westlake

On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 7:13 AM, Claire Westlake <> wrote:

Hi Son!
How is the transfer going? Who is your new companion and what is it like
in Wolf Point? I am very excited for you. I knew that you would be
teaching the Lamanites because of the Lamanite warrior that is your
guardian angel. It is in your family history as well. Your great
grandfather, my Dad's Dad served several missions to the people in Bylas
which is on the way to Thatcher. You probably passed it while going to the
temple with Andy. Then there is Amos R. Wright from Bennington, Idaho who
baptized over 300 people from the Wind River Reservation, including Chief
Washakie, chief of the Shoshone Nation. I think you were sent there for a
reason. What tribe are they? So cool! It will be more difficult for sure
but they are special and loved by our Father in Heaven. How special it is
that at east one of their ancestors is watching over you so you can find
their children and bring them the light of the gospel.
I just started teaching Drew Stradling. Found out his mother and I are
like 3rd cousins.
Stake Conference is today. We have a general authority here. Should be
I don't know if you have heard but the world is under siege with many
natural disasters. Hurricane Irma is battering all of Florida as we speak.
Biggest storm ever recorded so far. Hurricane Jose is right behind it.
Mexico had an 8.1 earthquake a couple of days ago. Bear Lake has had 150
plus mini tremblors. Lots of fires too. Please listen to what the Spirit
tells you and what President Hess tells you to do. You should be fine
where you are. Always have some food, light source, heat source on hand,
I am going to write Elder Hahnie (spelling) today. Renel is getting
married this month.
Ryan's birthday is the 22nd. Andy is coming to visit the end of October.
Did Jess send you anything for your birthday? Anyone else? I want to make
sure I thank them.
Take care! Love you so much!
Elder Westlake


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