September 11, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


I Love The Native American People


This week has been awesome. I said goodbye to a few people in Sidney, then
came up to Wolf Point with my new companion Elder Morse, from Hershey,
Pennsylvania. We both love the same kind of music, and are both into cars.
Meaning we're both in heaven right now, because it's been so long since
someone has known the same bands as we do. :) We're loving life.

There are so many cool people in our branch, including the Good Bears, the
Medicine Elks, the Talks Differents, the Raining Birds, the BirdBills, the
RunsThroughs, and more. They are all incredible people, with amazing
hearts. Our branch had a great turnout this week, 48 people came to
Sacrament, up from 42 last week! Our block is actually 2 1/2 hours, instead
of 3. Sacrament is 10:00-11:10, Sunday School is 11:10-11:50, and
Priesthood and Relief Society is 11:50-12:30.
After church yesterday, we gave two blessings, gave the Sacrament to two
people, and visited a few people in elderly homes with Brother Headdress.
Brother Headdress told us, and we've heard a ton of Elders say this as
well, that whenever a missionary goes to a reservation with a bad attitude,
not liking the Native American people, they always leave with an immense
love for the Native American people, with that area being their favorite
area, and they don't want to leave. I'm glad I went in with a good
attitude, and I've already grown to love them so much!!!

We're going golfing later today with the GoodBears (It's PDay!). I've never
been golfing, so wish me luck lol :)

1: How to give someone with OCD a heart attack :) I laughed so hard when I
did this :)
2: ​​My new comp (I.E. best friend :) )
3 and 4: Jello Shots!!! (Non-alcholic!!! :) )

Elder Westlake


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