September 18, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


We Tried :)

And tried, and tried.

Hello Everyone!

This week, we've tried a bunch of people, knocking on their doors and
things. Because, when you wash an area, meaning neither missionary is
familiar with the area, you try to meet with people that the previous
missionaries had met with. The way you find out which people the previous
missionaries met with, is through the previous missionaries' paperwork.
When the previous missionaries didn't do the paperwork, you try the ward
list. So we've tried a lot of people. We've been able to clean up the ward
list, because apparently a lot of people have moved haha. We ask, "Are you
the Allen's?" "No" lol ask me how many times that's happened! :)

Besides that, we have been able to meet with a few people! We've been able
to give a lot of priesthood blessings, because we're the main priesthood in
town haha. There's not too many members that have it here, and the ones
that do live in towns an hour away. Everyone here (the members) has
*really* missed
missionaries, they keep telling us.

We met a new investigator, Zack. He's been wanting to change his life for
over a year. The Spirit was super strong in that lesson with him. Zack felt
it too. He told us he felt "the holy power of God" with us waaaaaaay
stronger than the other church he's been meeting with, and he's been
meeting with them for many months! He said he thinks this is the church
he's going to go with, the true church, and he's going to stop meeting with
the other church. We helped him identify the "holy power of God" as the
Holy Spirit. We explained it to him, and it made a ton of sense to him.
We're pumped for him! :)

Golfing was fun, I really suck :) we're going to go again today with the
same members.

Oh by the way, here's my new address. I heard that a person or two wanted
to send me things. :) Thank you very much!!! That makes my heart all warm
and fuzzy. :) :) :)
710 US Highway 2 E
Wolf Point, MT 59201

1: That must be healthy - (smoke in the air from all the fires in Western
2: Had to include a selfie for the ma and pops :)
3: We were like, "How do you get cactus in your shoe in northeastern
Montana?!" ...apparently there are cacti in northeastern Montana :)

Elder Westlake


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