October 2, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Re: Conference

I liked the Perengree guy on Saturday.

That's really cool that Tiffler is beginning all over again.

I haven't received anything from Sister Moore.

Chief is awesome haha.

My guess is Just a guess. It might be Try them haha :)

On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 1:26 PM, Claire Westlake <> wrote:

Got to love it!
Where did you get to spend conference? I made some chocolate banana bread
and we will be going over to Ryan and Julia's after the last session to
celebrate his birthday. What talk did you like the best?
Just got notice Elder Hales passed away about an hour ago. :(
Had a good little visit with Tyler last week. They will be moving back
the week of Oct. 14th or so. They got rid of all the dogs and their stuff
so they are just renting a trailer and packing all their stuff into it and
the back of their pickup. They aren't even bringing their fridge, couch.
Starting all over again. They are getting rid of most of their books too.
Attached is the flyer DeAnne made for me. Pretty cool huh! We are really
hitting the advertising after conference now.
Dad planted celery, brussell sprouts, beets and carrots in his fall
garden. Pulled out all but two pepper plants. I planted some snapdragons
and petunias in the front yard but they are looking pretty sick. Too hot
even though it has been below 100.
There was an earthquake in Costa Rica a couple of days ago. I don't tell
Callie. Small one.
Just getting ready for Marathon Day, compositions, Cavalcade registration,
and of course the FDD (genealogy seminar), and the ward Christmas program.
Stake wants us to do a number too for their Christmas program.
Keep sending the pictures! Did you receive anything from Amanda Moore
yet? Send me your address again please.
President Hess posted a picture of you guys singing for Elder Cook.
That's the guy who was speaking last conference when I saw the Lamanite
guardian angel. Let's call him Chief. That's cool.
So proud of you! Fight a good fight. Keep the faith! Love you!
P.S. What's Elder AhNee's address?
Elder Westlake


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