April 21, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Re: Happy Easter

I have a mini hymnbook from Sister Reed, but it's brown, and they have
Mahogany mini hymnbooks that match my scriptures SOOOOOO well it looks so
incredible! That's why I want it, it looks so much better!!! I love the
hymnbook from the Reeds, but that mahogany color really completes the look
and looks classy. Really classy.

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 8:08 AM, Claire Westlake <> wrote:

I thought you had a mini hymnbook from Sister Reed? The alarm clock is
not good enough that you bought? Yes you can buy it if you feel you need it.
President Porter told you to "Thrust in Your Sickle" and told you that
you would be working with less-active members. I will try to think of more
and will ask Dad.
Do you have time and a piano to practice at the MTC? Have you played
anywhere? Will send 3 Ships to you ASAP.
On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 7:03 AM, Cade Westlake <> wrote:
Thank you for the update! I love the whole newsletter from home. :)
Thank you for the cookies!!! It was totally amazing!!!!!! Definitely feel
loved :)
Could you please tell me what was said in my setting apart blessing from
President Porter?
Also, could you email me or print and send to me "I Saw Three Ships" by
Jon Schmidt? The sheet music specifically.
At the MTC store, they have a few tie clips for like 5-10 bucks each,
that I really want to get. I'm also going to get an alarm clock, and a mini
hymnbook in mahogany and get it engraved with Elder Cade Westlake. I'm
estimating the total cost to be 30 dollars or less. Is that ok? :)
I hope the girls are doing well, and better since I'm not home. :)
On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 1:39 PM, Claire Westlake <> wrote:
My favorite Missionary!
Hope you received the care package. Took me a bit to figure out your
address but I think I got it. Were they any good? If not I will do my own
thing next time.
I was thinking about you yesterday. Probably not a better place to
spend Easter than at the MTC. Have you seen any General Authorities yet?
Ryan got sick with the stomach bug that he caught from the kids so we
didn't get to spend it with them.
Spoke with Jason & Callie, Tiffany and Tyler on Sunday. They are doing
well. Jason and family were in Edmonton visiting her family before she
goes to Costa Rica.
Zane did his farewell talk yesterday and he did well. He, Kelby and
Danson? are receiving their Eagle this week. Zane leaves in 10 days.
DVMTA's competition was Saturday and my studio had 6 winners and 12
Honorable Mentions. Very happy about that as I didn't put as much time
into it this year. Studio recitals are this Saturday.
Tell me about your schedule and what you are doing if you have a minute.
Thrust in your sickle like President Porter said.
Love you!!!
Elder Westlake
Elder Westlake


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