April 21, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


#AnApostleCameToTheMTCForADevotional :)

Hello Everyone!

Elder Westlake here. We had two people leave from our district to go home.
We miss them, and we know they have a different mission in life.

Other than that, it's been a fantastic experience here at the MTC! We get
to go the Provo Temple again today. That is the 7th temple I've done a
session in! How cool is that?! Super cool indeed!!! I really do love

On Sunday, Dallin H. Oaks came to the MTC and spoke to us at the
Devotional. I had never been in the presence of an Apostle before, and even
though I was probably 50+ yards away, there is a transcendence in his
presence that is different. Really amazing. Definitely makes me want to go
to General Conference in person when I'm back from my mission.

The days really fly by. The routine makes it go by so quickly. Oh, and for
my whole life I've heard to not drink the orange juice, because it is
basically a surefire way to get mad diarrhea. Just rumors everyone, just
rumors. It's fine. Two of the Elders in my district drunk a lot of it and
they were fine. Also, the chicken fried steak doesn't cause any problems
either. Haha.

I've had so many spiritual experiences here at the MTC, I'm already an
entirely different person than when before I left. After 9 days. I cannot
wait to see what transformation occurs after two whole years of this. I'm
totally stoked.

I also must say thank you to everyone who gave me things before I came
here. Seriously incredible. I am using all of them.

Also, thank you to everyone for all of the emails!!! I totally didn't
expect to receive so many! I totally feel loved. Totally keep sending them!

Also, I testify of our calling as missionaries. We've been able to teach so
many investigators (technically actors who are playing investigators), and
even in simply that, God allows to practice as if it were real, and so the
Spirit, the promptings of what to say, are so real. I've been out with the
missionaries before my mission, and I didn't really know what to say, most
of the time. Here, now that I've been set apart as a missionary, I am being
spoken through by the spirit so frequently, that I don't remember most of
what is said during the lessons!!! I testify to you that D&C 100 is so
true, especially the verse that says the Spirit will give you what to say,
in the very moment you are speaking. Typically you don't remember what you
said, because it's the Spirit saying it through you! It's weird not
remembering what is taught after a lesson haha. I believe it's verse 4.

If you think anyone else would love to be added to the weekly Westlake
email list, invite them to join! And then let me know they want to be added
and give me their email so I can add them. :)

I know the Spirit is real, just as much as I know the adversary is real as
well. Choose the Spirit, and realize the only power the adversary has is to
tempt you and scare you. Christ, and the Holy Spirit, has so much more
power. Infinitely more power. So... choose to follow Christ :). I don't
know about you, but if I knew which side was going to win (and we do...
Christ's side :)), I'll choose the winning side, every time. So, I choose
Christ. :)

Talk to you all next week,
Elder Westlake


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