May 15, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Re: Other stuff

Pretty much anything is ok, as long as it's orange. Not yellow, gold,
red-orange, etc. Also make sure it's not above 12 dollars haha. Although
it'll last for years, it's not necessary to pay above that price. Thank you
again so much Mom!

Also if you want you can get me aquamarine ink, and some shade of green ink
that isn't too dark. You don't have to though. For now definitely the
orange though would be super cool. Thank you Mom!!! I love you!!! I'll be
done emailing in about 20-30 minutes, so if there's anything else you want
to say before I go go ahead and say it haha :)

On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 1:37 PM, Claire Westlake <> wrote:

There is Summer Tananger which is orange. Is that OK? Haven't seen
On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 11:14 AM, Cade Westlake <> wrote:
Hello Mom,
A couple other things before I go.
We don't have to buy bikes here, so you can take that money off. To be
honest, I'm not really making any purchases here. Definitely take a lot of
money off the debit card. I really don't need a ton of money on it. I'd
stick to what the mission call packet said for what the recommended amount
to keep constant on it is.
Also, I don't need to obtain a local driver's license, so how would I
send home the documents?
You can give the Moore's my mailing address, to send me the calendar. Did
they get the calendar? I'm super excited for it!
Also, I love writing in my journal each night, especially with my
fountain pens, and I was wondering if you could send me some orange ink. If
you look on amazon, you can type in "Noodler's Ink Orange" and I think
there's a color called Habanero or something, that is orange. If there
isn't Habanero, just send me an orange ink from Noodlers, on amazon. It
should be about 12 dollars. If it's more, don't get it haha. :) Thank you
so much! I may ask you to send me some other colors in the future too. Like
blue, or even green. I already have black and purple. Trust me, they're not
going to have an ink shop up here. It's a super niche thing. :) Seriously
thank you so much.
The care packages really do lift my spirits when I receive them. It can
get kind of gloomy sometimes since I'm not in a super familiar area, and
I'm not around all of my friends from back home. Also, not listening to my
favorite music is interesting. I totally miss it, but I know its for the
best. I definitely can feel the Spirit really strongly, more strongly than
before, even though my music wasn't necessarily really bad or dark. Just
not having all of my winding down and destressing and recharging tools from
before is interesting. I'm working on finding new ways to have fun and keep
my spirits up. Receiving care packages helps a ton. :) It's a great thing
my first area really is a great one, and my companion and I mesh. Even
then, it's still a challenge I'm learning from.
I hope you have a great week. I love you Mom. :) I miss you. And I look
forward to talking on Sunday. If you want, you could do a party with Ryan
and Julia and the kids. Just make sure to let me know which Skype account
you'll be using. I'll probably be on mine from back home.
How's Courtney and Crystal doing? How is the room doing? Has the piano
been moved in there yet? What has been their attitude since I've left? What
about Dad? What about the ward?
Love you,
Elder Westlake
Elder Westlake


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