May 15, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Another great week here!

Hello Everybody!

Another great week has flown by.

P-Days are fun, with basketball, playing the piano, and being in regular
clothes, all of which are super rejuvenating. The members love missionary
work here, and multiple members have told us we're doing a great job. One
member told us me and my companion are shiny! Then she gave us a referral,
which she told us she'd been waiting to give to shiny missionaries. Super
cool. :)

Elder Porter has taught me how to play the ukelele, so I may pick one up
here once I find a music store (probably in my next area). That's basically
what we do once we get back into the apartment at night, is play the
ukelele and freestyle rap about missionary work along to it. XD it's so fun

Definitely check out these talks:

"Profile Of A Prophet" by Hugh B. Brown

"Spiritual Crocodiles" - by Boyd K. Packer

Both are super important to know, and super cool analogies are given in
Spiritual Crocodiles that really put into perspective how real the
adversary is, and how cunning and crafty he is.

Tracting is a ton of fun. Initiatives are also super cool, they do them
throughout the whole mission. Apparently in his last area, Elder Porter
placed fifty Book Of Mormons in a week. He and I have that same goal for
this week. :) We're going to crush this.

Also, if you send me things near transfer week, (every six weeks, I'll let
you know in my emails when the next transfer is, also the next transfer
week is June 9th-15th), make sure to send it to the mission office to be
forwarded to my new address, just in case I do in fact get transferred to a
different area. That way I actually get the mail or package, instead of it
being here while I'm somewhere else, and it takes three weeks for the new
missionaries to get it to me. Or worse, the area gets closed and the thing
you sent just sits there indefinitely, and I never receive it. We actually
have a letter that is for the sister missionaries that were here before us,
and we received it about a week ago, and we'll be getting it to our mission
president next week at zone conference, who will then give it to the
mission office to mail it to her. It will be about a month since being sent
from the original sender, that the recipient will be receiving it. So send
it to the mission office to be forwarded haha :)
When sending to the mission office to be forwarded to me, make sure to use
US Postal Service, not UPS or FedEx, because the Postal Service is free to
forward (Except for their standard shipping), and UPS and FedEx is like
thirty dollars that I'd pay to have it forwarded to me. I'll attach a
picture below of the paper that explains it better.
The mission office address is:
Elder Robert C. Westlake
101 Slate Drive Suite 7
Bismarck, North Dakota 58503
But for now stick with the address in Montana I sent out last Monday. :)
Thank you again.

0591: Dusty shoes :)
0593: That's a mailbox!!! For a business!!! :)
0598: Super cool advertising!!! For the same business!!!
0596: Different angle
0599: Different angle
0601: Hey, this is the street my apartment is on. :)
0590: Mail forwarding information
6732: This 17 year old kid, Alex, has run demolition derby twice, last year
too when he was 16. He buys the car, builds it himself, and runs it
himself. This car, he swapped the engine and transmission in it to run it
last year. It's super cool. Everyone in the derby is from the town, they
all know each other, and they all want to have fun and make it out safe in
the end. It's for fun, not to win. That's why they don't allow hitting
other driver's doors. He's friends with one of the Priests in the ward.
Small towns are definitely a big part of what makes America great. :)

Elder Westlake


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