May 22, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


I didn't know I could eat that much food 0_0

Hello Everyone!

This week we set a goal to place 50 Books Of Mormon. We only got to 26, but
we knocked over 250 doors! That's got to count for something. :) By the
way, we did 117 of those in one day. It sounds like that's not a lot, but
trust me, that took 7 hours of knocking doors that one day.

On Tuesday, we visited this older couple who mentioned that they were
lonely. I got to mow their lawn on their riding mower! Super fun to drive
haha. I love driving random things. Then they brought us inside, and
apparently he used to build sandrails, using parts from old Bugs. Also, he
can fabricate a part for anything, including cars. He can build an engine,
that works, from scratch. (#Respect) He also has always been into
woodworking, and makes pens out of wood, and plastic. He showed us all of
them, and was like, "Take your pick! :)" So we did. I'll attach a picture
of mine below. Also, they told us to come make our own sometime on a P-Day.
I'm stoked to do that. We definitely are going to. I'm going to make mine a
fountain pen, so then I'll have four fountain pens to choose from each
night when I write in my journal. :)

On Wednesday, we had dinner at a member's house. They piled so much food
onto our plates. So much. (#SOMUCH haha). I can't believe I ate all of it.
My companion was in shock XD. However, it came to pass that on Saturday, we
discovered that the sheer volume of food we ate on Wednesday did not
compare (at all) to the sheer mountain of food placed before us that
evening. They made an entire pan (an entire pan), for each person.
Literally, they had all the ingredients in massive bowls, then placed them
all together to fill the pan (a big pan), then put it on one plate (a
massive plate), then served the plate to us, individually. An amount to
feed a family of four was placed on our plates. And I ate all of it. :)
Then they said "Do you want more?" It tasted so good, I actually kind of
did. It's awesome that it did taste super good, and that it was my
favorite, pasta. I'm still burning off those calories haha. I've been
eating so little since then lol, I'm almost back down to normal Elder
Westlake size.

I definitely second what a friend of mine (and his twin brother) said in
their weekly emails today. Don't worry about home, the instant you get set
apart those things will leave you, and life outside of your mission doesn't
seem real or like it even is a real thing. #Justdoit
Also another quote from my ward mission leader: "Have eternal perspective
with the seeds you are planting."

We helped two families move within the same town on Saturday. That was fun,
being in P-Day clothes (read: normal clothes) in public. Super refreshing

Also, on Sunday, we had homemade ice cream at a member's house. That was
really nice, because my family did that a lot back home. It tasted almost
the same, and had the same texture. Every single bite was like the scene in
Ratatouille where the food critic takes a bite of Remi's dish, and has that
flashback to when he was a kid, back at home, eating the same dish. I
enjoyed (really enjoyed) that.

We had our investigator come to church on Sunday! Also, he asked us who's
in charge of the addiction recovery program. We really think he's going to
get baptized. He really wants to repent and have God in his life. We're
super stoked for him.
Also, this ward is super amazing. Each week there's like 3 separate
investigators (and their families) that come, even though we haven't even
met them yet. We're working on meeting them during the week. They all seem
really cool.
Also, I don't remember if I mentioned, we baptized someone the 13th. Not
really our baptism, but the sister missionaries before us. That was super
cool. She's definitely solid in the church, and reminds me a ton of Deanna
McHardy back home.

The local JcPenney's is closing, so we're going to go check out what sales
they have on ties soon :) :) :) I'm super stoked.

And, my companion's best friend from back home just got called to this
mission. We'll be the Mesa boys haha :)

To all my friends back home that are heading to the mission field soon,
you're going to love it! I definitely agree with the quote I shared above.
Once you're set apart, you feel different. Life outside the mission really
doesn't feel like it exists.

Keep crushing it everyone! Love y'all!

I didn't really take any pictures this week!

1: A cool saying that's above our John
2: Fun with my nametag :) Other missionaries totally try it :)
3: My pen from the member!
4: I hadn't taken a picture of myself this week, so I just did right now

Elder Westlake


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