May 29, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


They're Everywhere 0_0

Howdy y'all!

You know how in Mesa, there's a bunch of cats in some neighborhoods? Well,
we have wild rabbits up here. Everywhere. *Everywhere.* Hahaha :) I'll
eventually get a picture. Maybe. You all know what rabbits look like, so
maybe not.

Read the book "Believing Christ". It's short. Read it. :) Today. It will
change your life, and your perspective on the Atonement. Read it. ... Read
it! Haha, but seriously, read it. :) You know what I'm going to say next?
Of course you do. Read it. :)

I had the opportunity to make the Dunn's Orange Smoothie recipe. It's
sooooooo good. I'll be making it more, and my companions will love me.
Hahahaha so tasty!!!!!!!!!

Monday, we packed for zone conference.
Tuesday, we traveled to Willeston. We had P-Day on Tuesday in Willeston, we
went to the ARC, which is a recreational center. We all killed ourselves
running around all day. Haha everyone was like, "You're a greenie so you're
still in shape." Apparently they think I'm athletic. Haha :)
Wednesday, we had zone conference. That was pretty awesome. We had a
luncheon in the church, where we had zone conference, and they had cookies
and fresh baked rolls that were to die for. I told myself I wouldn't eat a
ton... that didn't work out. Some food is just too good to only have 4
cookies and 3 rolls, on top of an entire plate of other food. :) Also I saw
my MTC companion at ZC, so that was lit. He hasn't changed much in the last
three weeks, shocker lol usually people change into a completely different
person after three weeks of not seeing them... weird lol just kidding :).
We got to shop at Walmart in Willeston, so we stocked up on cereal for like
the next month and a half because it's like half as much as it is here in
Friday we went to Culbertson and Bainsville because we discovered we had
more miles than we thought we were going to have. We met a ton of people
who we're going to have lessons with.
Saturday we followed up with people we gave Books of Mormon last week. We
did the same Sunday, and we had two lessons with two new people!!! One of
them told us to not come back, but the other said totally come back!!!
That's cool to have a new investigator after four weeks of tracting :)
Today, we went to the river with a member in our ward, and Jorden, the
recent convert! That was cool. Then we went to JCPenney's which is closing
down, and got killer deals on ties. My companion got a new pair of shoes!
Then we went to Mucho Si, the Mexican restaurant in town. Pretty decent!
But seriously, these new ties are pretty lit!!!

I'm also learning how to spin books on my finger like Elder Porter. I'll
show you all how cool it is once I learn. That'll be my new tracting
approach haha :), spinning a Book Of Mormon on one finger as they open the
door. It's seriously lit!

1: North Dakota has so much elevation change
2: #Sunsets
3: #MoreSunsets
4: #Selfie
5: Ahhh I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world right now
6: Silhouette Sunset
7: The river
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