June 19, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


The Golden Investigator That Says Don't Call Back

Hello Everyone!!!

We've all heard the stories of the golden investigators that are
progressing so well towards baptism, for like five lessons they are just
pure gold. Then they seem weird and start blowing you off, then eventually
all contact ceases. Well, we have a golden investigator that we had about 4
or 5 lessons with, that now seems weird and is blowing us off. We're
praying it doesn't proceed to the "dropped us" end result.
Something I've learned through all these experiences with investigators,
through all the highs and lows with all of them, is what Christ feels for
every single one of us. True, Christlike charity and love, and His vision
for who we truly are and what we can become with His help. I truly feel
love for these people, and want what Christ wants for them, and I see what
Christ sees in them, the potential for what they truly can become. It is so
sad, to see them make decisions that lead to unhappiness, addiction,
amongst other things.
Also, the mission is the ultimate growing ground. There is no better way to
grow, on such a fast timescale. You have the Lord and His angels constantly
surrounding you, helping you to grow, as long as you're obedient. There are
so many highs and lows in such a short time, and you feel like you're
growing and progressing so much. Definitely serve one. I see why it's such
a big thing in LDS culture for people to serve a mission. It's definitely
worth it.

If you have a grocery store nearby that carries Yakisoba noodles, get them
haha. They're sooooo good! And they're like a dollar, for a big meal. :) I
got the mac and cheese Yakisoba, I'll definitely be getting them again. :)

We are in the second week now of the new transfer. I can't believe I'm
already over two months into my mission (Lol my companion makes fun of me
for saying that). It's crazy to think of how much has already happened back
home, and how little has really happened. It's amazing how fast time goes
by, because there are two missionaries (one that just finished her mission,
the other finishes in August) that are about to finish their 18 months and
two years and return home, and it seems very recent that we said goodbye.
I'm intrigued to see what my experience will be like in early 2019 as I
draw closer and closer to the end of my two years.

1: Old style vending machine that is actually only 60 cents and actually
only takes coins and actually works
2: This guy races dirt track!!!
3: He made this face as a joke... I died laughing and asked him if I could
take a picture and send it to you guys (I still laugh when I see this
picture :) )
4: Moi
5: The traditional "we're in the middle of nowhere" pic :)
6: I'm hunting wabbits
7: The traditional sunset pic
Elder Westlake


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