June 26, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Although My Bones Are Tired, I Won't Change A Thing

Hello Everyone!!!

It's sad when you love the people you're teaching, and they have to choose
to accept your message or not. And then they don't. We have this one
investigator who seems super solid, but then it comes to Sunday, and she
doesn't come to church or answer the door when we come over for the lesson
on Sunday. But, during the week when we have a lesson with her she seems
super solid. Interesting.

When you get home from a day tracting out in the sun (like, a full day),
you feel like you just got home from the lake. Tired, beat, and nothing but
great memories. It's so fun working and laughing with your companion at all
the crazy experiences you get each and every single day.
Like yesterday, we were in an apartment complex, and we heard this one guy
*yell* "HEY!!!! HEEEEYYYY!!!" clearly at us. He was yelling from his window
on the second story. Haha we didn't look at him lol. He seemed like one of
those people in the LDS videos, specifically one of the people in the mobs
that come and destroy the LDS pioneer village. That's what he sounded like.
Haha we see and hear a ton of crazy stuff. It's so awesome, because you
definitely wouldn't be getting any of these experiences back home. :)

A great quote from the book "Following Christ": "There is an indisoluble
link between labor and happiness, a law that states "You can only have as
much joy as you are willing to sweat for." Our eternal nature as children
of God may be such that our *capacity* for joy is increased by work
(opposition in all things)."
This is so true! This week, my companion and I have spent a lot more time
finding by knocking doors, and we have both felt so much happier than in
weeks past. It's interesting how that works, getting a ton of rejection
makes you happier. Totally crazy concept. :) Perhaps that'll help me out
with women and dating in a couple years XD

Another great quote from that book. "The ultimate goal for sons and
daughters is to grow up and be what their parents are. Therefore, the
purpose of all God's work, (Heavenly Father's work), is to help us become
like him, not merely to just save us from death and hell." So, to me that
means that everything that God does, we will eventually do. Super cool. :)

Also, JCPenney here is really close to closing, so everything in the store
is 50-70% off. We just got even more ties. I almost feel like we robbed the
place the deals were so good. :) And the ties are like, awesome sauce. I'm
stoked. :)

1: If you're going to build a truck, you better do it right.
2: The traditional sunset picture (A really good one)
3: What I call the "no personality" look: black shoes, black socks, black
slacks. black belt, gray tie.
4: Two words: Lee, & git.
5: Oh. My. Gosh. The sky here is unreal.

Elder Westlake


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