July 4, 2017


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Re: Hello!

Hey Mom!

For the 4th we get to have Pday, and stay out until 10:30, not just 9. That
never happens.

The insoles you got weren't the right ones. Here's the correct description:
the box will say athletic (not canvas comfort), and the picture on the back
will show a blue top and a yellow bottom (not a silver bottom). Remember I
sent you a picture a few months ago of the correct box. Do you want me to
send the ones you got me back?
Thank you for sending the M&M's in the package!

I'm going to be looking for vacuum seal bags for packing between transfers,
(they save a ton of room in suitcases), there isn't a walmart here so I may
ask you in a future email to send me a few giant ones (for a comforter,
pillow, all my bed sheets and all my white shirts and garments and
clothes). Hold off for now, just a heads up.

Could you send me the before X-Rays of my back, just the ones where I'm
standing up straight?

I'm going to send some stuff home, if you want me to put the soles in there
I can. I'll just have you take out the soles and put the box on my shelf.

Elder Westlake

On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 5:01 PM, Claire Westlake <> wrote:

Hi Son!
Brother Buhr asked about you. Elder Ah Nee just got transferred to the
rez. His replacement is from North Carolina. The other elder is from
Ireland or Scotland. Told 2 others about the great things you are doing.
Another person just got called to your mission. Elder Thompson from Utah.
His mother reached out to me from the Missionary Momma's Facebook page that
Sister Dunn signed me up for.
All of the leadership was gone today so they had to bring in the Elder's
Quorum President to conduct. Brother Hathcock did a great job.
Deanna is home now. I think that will make Courtney happy.
Do you get to do anything fun for the 4th?
Heard today that during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a Japanese pilot was
ordered to drop a bomb on the Hawaiian temple. A very bright light blinded
him both times as he was dive-bombing towards it. He has to pull up. John
Cox on his mission met this man while on his mission. A missionary was
teaching him the discussions and he saw the Hawaiian temple in something
and then knew why he couldn't bomb it. He alos was immediately baptized,
Hope I got that right. It was a combination of Preston's testimony today
and John Cox made mention of it yesterday. It was really cool.
We are doing OK here.
Love you!!!
Elder Westlake


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