October 22, 2018


Kilmarnock, Scotland


Elder Rodriguez

Oct 22

so this week was kinda interesting. we had a zone cluster in paisley on Tuesday where we found out that we had a zone conference in Edinburgh on Thursday. Lol. so on thursday morning we headed off to Edinburgh for the Scotland South Conference. so paisley Edinburgh and Glasgow zones met. that was pretty much all day thursday. and it was really good! conferences are. but this time they asked me to do a roleplay in front of everybody... so i did it. it was one of my ZLs and me that roleplayed a ward coucil setting and introducing some ideas for the work. they had a fake ward council.  president Macdonald was the bishop and the APs were the YM president and Elders quorum. then the sisters were the relief society and YW, so it was fun... lol we just all sat up on the stand. but it turned out to be super funny , we ended up doing a great job but the funny part was that we just kept roasting one of the APs. so we were teasing him about him not having a job and needing self reliance courses. lol so that probably doesnt sound funny but it was. but anyways the pictures i sent you were from the conference.

so Elder Cosmas is from Uganda. he was in my district in coleraine and he is the biggest legend haha so just gotta say it but he doesnt have any hands, he lost them in a work accident at home. and he has a pretty sad story but he is like one of the happiest people ever!

and then of course Elder Lybbert we were companions in Derry over Christmas.

but we have a fairly busy week coming up we have a few dinners and some service and a reach out night so it will be good to change it up a little.

oh ya and also this week they had a movie night at the church and it was “Liken the Scriptures”, about samuel the lamanite.  i dont know if youve seen it before but wow. its a musical style movie only about an hour long lol.  it was very cheesy and definitely made for younger kids haha kailea would love it. but it was still kinda funny.

so i hope you guys all have a good week!

Love Elder Price


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