August 6, 2018


Orkney Islands


Elder Foster

august 3

so life is good on the island. last pday we went to an island at the northern tip and it was really pretty it overlooked the atlantic.  im pretty sure i was looking towards greenland! haha crazy, but sad news i missed the puffins! they all had already left to live at sea for the winter! but oh well we saw some other cool birds like these ones that look like penguins except they can fly lol. but not to much happened this week.  we taught our friend venessa and found a lot.  and at church. there we had 6 people again. it was good. part way through sacrament meeting a couple from america came in and he apparently had served in orkney as a missionary 40 years ago. they are from showlow az! small world!

oh ya that reminds me when i was in aberdeen during moves at church i met an older couple from az who were friends with grandma wright! i cant remember their names but they were on a trip doing research for a book or something? but hey were a little odd and after church they just left.

but good news we got an exchange with they shetland elders approved! so next week we will spend 3 days in shetland on exchanges!! its gonna be so sick! that means im gonna have been to all 3 islands and the only missionary to have been to all 3 islands in the mission right now! which is crazy! but really cool i feel blessed! but we have to take a midnight ferry thats 7 hours long! lol so pray for me.

but orkney is doing well! hope you all stay safe at home and have a great week!

Elder price


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