January 22, 2018


Londonderry, Ireland


Elder Lybbert

Jan 21

This week was pretty wet once again and not very sunny, but it never really is so not much has changed! haha  Other than it still getting colder.  So tbh I miss the sun but when it does come out from the clouds it’s so bright I don’t know what to do I can’t see anymore haha!  It is still dark in the mornings and evenings. So around 10am it gets light out then it gets dark at about 430 so its getting better. In the next couple months it will get to be that we never see dark in the morning or night which is also weird but I really like it, haha, the days are a lot easier that way.

So on Tuesday for district meeting we ended up watching the broadcast with President Nelson at 4pm and it was cool to see and was really good to be able to hear the new first presidency speak. After we just talked about it for a little. On Wednesday we went to Belfast for exchanges and it was a great time but freezing cold! So we had the weirdest thing for dinner.  So for some weird reason they love indian food over here.  It’s super common and you can find it anywhere.  For dinner we found this burrito place and it turns out that they basically make a burrito out of different curries and stuff, it was super weird. Not too bad, i guess, but really odd.  The worst part was watching the girl fold the burrito.  She basically just picked up the whole thing like a sack and just rolled it in tin foil! I almost cried, it was hard to watch haha.

The ward here is pretty small. It’s still a ward but small we usually end up teaching some lesson or speaking or passing almost every Sunday. We have been going into youth classes and YMs but there’s only like 3 or 4 YM.  So other than that, this week we were out finding a lot.  We decided to go explore a little and find some new good areas to GQ so we found a bunch of student housing for the uni and a back entrance for the uni so we will try that next week and hopefully we will see more sucess.

My cooking skills are doing really well. I can make crepes pretty easily and french toast, curry, different kinds of pasta, chicken quesadillas, and some other stuff so im doing pretty good. But I still wanna learn a few more things like I really wanna cook some biscuits and gravy!!

This next week should be good but I’ll let you know how it goes next week!

Love You All!

Elder Price


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