September 9, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Carter


It is finally starting to get colder! This week at night it hit like high 60s so it feels really nice! It rained super hard just yesterday so we waiting in our car for s little to wait it out cause all the appartments didnt have any cover and we all forgot our umbrellas haha but this week went by kinda fast but then also not really haha. This week we taught 20 lessons and found 3 new people to teach. We were teaching someone named isaac and just put him on baptismal date for the 21st so that was good!! We are also teaching a guy names Jose and he loves everything abd reads a ton in the book of mormon.

We had a lot of good dinners this week as well. Some suuuuper good tacos and soup im gonna start getting a lot of the recipes because they have all been way good. A lot of the times i dont even know what it is we eat but it has been super good everytime! (Except the menudo. I dont like that stuff haha) but we have only had that once so overall it has all been way good!

Other than just teaching a lot and finding a lot of people i cant think of anything else crazy that happened. We got free drinks at tacobell so that was nice haha but i think thats about it. I knkw im probably forgetting a ton but my brain is fried i barely remember yesterday haha its all just a blur

Love you all and hope you guys have a good week

-Elder Labrum


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