September 2, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Carter


This last week and a half has been pretty crazy with transfers. So we had transfers on thursday and I am with Elder carter and we are training together Elder Garret. So transfers are on thursday and we find out if we are leaving or not on wednesday so only 1 day before pretty wack and it sucks to pack that fast. But I was almost 100% sure i was going to leave my area so i packed everything on tuesday night so i would be ready cause ive been in this area for 3 transfers, well i ended up staying so i had to unpack everything haha. Elder garrett though us from arizona and he has tons of energy which is good but also can be super annoying cause he NEVER stops talking. Elder Carter is from florida and this is his last transfer out here. He is also very unique and always has to have things his way so i just kinda chill in the back and just go with it. But after transfers we had a meeting for people that were training just to talk about what to do and not to do and all that stuff.

Just yesterday though we had 3 people at church and a family just randomly showed up that me and my companions were trying to get to church last transfer so that was cool. We have been teaching quiet a few people and have been let in a good ammount of times which has let our greenie practice a lot so thats been nice.

I cant really think of anything else that happened. I kinda forgot a lot since its just been super crazy haha but i hope everyone had a good week and a half. I have no pictures this week unfortunately. Ill get some pictures of my comps for next weeks email

Thanks for all the emails love you all

-Elder Labrum


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