June 24, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Pinon

Always Tired

This week has been somethin haha. We put someone on date for july 6th and then she texted us 3 days later saying she wasnt ready and she wont ever be and then said she was going back to catholic church so thats a bust but then we put someone else on date for this saturday so we are super excited about that!!

Today we had a zone pday and we just played football and basketball and just a bunch of sports with our whole zone which is 16 people so it was a pretty good turn out! This week we had some members take us out like 3 times to eat. the same members and then took us shopping as well. They are super nice and a great family and they werent super active and they started coming to church again so that was good! We have had some good lessons and i went on exchanges with the zone leaders and we taught someone that worshipped La santa Muerta (the holy death) is what she told us so that was interesting and she had some crazy stories. And at the end she asked us for a blessing so that was pretty cool as well!!

Other than that not much else. We have just been working hard and trying to find more people to teach! Hope you all had a good week. I only have 1 picture of me and my comp with our fanny packs sorry ill take more hahah
Love you all!


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