June 10, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Pinon

Short Week

Not too much has happened since thursday haha but also kinda a good amount we went and visited someone that my companion taught last time he was in this area and he said he wanted to get baptized so thats super good! He said he will pray about a date we also have another guy that we are going to put on date for baptism so we should have 2 within these next couple weeks and then 2 more people are super close as well. Other than that we have just been visiting a ton of people which has been fun.

On friday we got a little hail storm a little smaller than the size of a pingpong ball so they were pretty big hahah. It didnt do anything to our car which is good but it also already has dents from hail haha.

I think thats about it for these last few days. Church was good and we had one of our people we are teaching come and he liked it so that was cool. Not much else since it was so short. Ill have more next week though!!

Talk to you all next week!

Here is a picture of the hail

And here is this dog named david. His owner is a someone we are teaching and his name is david also haha


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