June 6, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Pinon

Transfer Week!

Transfers were this week so our pday got changed to today instead of monday so thats why im sending this now. A lot of people in our zone got moved around. I stayed in the same apartment and both my old comps got moved. Im with a new guy Elder Piñon he has 21 months out here and is from san diego. Hes super cool and nice and he is going to be the Spanish AP for the north half of the mission so thats pretty sweet!

Nothing else really happened this last week and a half haha we have just been trying to visit more people without them every answering the door just hearing them tell their dog to be quiet. Classic haha. We werent able to teach the people we usally do the first lady had to rescheduel again and the other family just hasnt gotten back to us. The new comp im with though used to serve here so he knows a tom of people we can stop by which will be super nice!

We went to buffalo wild wings last night to check out the game which was fun Raptors in 6. We still have the same zone leaders for our zone. A couple missionaries went home this last transfer. One of them, Elder Hugie was way cool and from utah too gonna miss that guy. We didnt get any spanish missionaries in but next transfsr we have 19 missionaries coming in so that will be awesome!

I think thats about all i have for this week. I dont have much pictures but i have a few! I love you all. Thanks for all the emails!!

Me and elder hugie
Us at chick fil a
Just a bunch of us at transfers


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