May 28, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Gerloff

Jump Ball

Hey again everyone. Sorry this is coming out on tuesday our mission president changed it to today just for this week. This week was pretty good for my birthday on the 23rd we had a family make us ribs and also had a cookies and creme tres leches cake. It was suuuuper good!!! We didnt get to teach any full lessons this week. We taught a few people on their door which was good. We went to ward council and talked about the ward and what we can do better to get less active people and their families to church. I didnt understand really anything hahah they talk super fast in that and i didnt know any of the words they were using haha.

There wasnt too much else that happened this week though haha i went on an exchange with the district leader and that was pretty fun and im on another exchange this week right now so its been a good time. We also got a new companion with us so now i am in a trio like last transfer. He is kinda scary but hes been alright. He just talks non stop which is pretty rough ha.

On the good side we have stopped by Krispy Kreme like 5 times this week cause the light has been on haha. We went in just last night and someone bought us a whole dozen of donuts. Super nice so we went and gave some to all the other companipnships that lived close to us so that was a really good time and their donuts are the absolute best!!!

I think thats about it for this week. Thanks so much for all birthday gifts and cards it means a ton! Love you all hope you all have a good week!!

Ps saw this winnie the pooh in someones yard haha. And forgot as well it snowed like 3 inches on the 21st. So the weather has still been super crazy hahah


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