May 13, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Gerloff


Hey everyone. This week was a pretty good one just a little slow! We picked up a family of 4 that we are teaching now. They are super nice and already have been taught before so they know a lot. This email is gonna be all over as i remember stuff.

This friday it was El Dia de las madres or mothers day for mexico so our ward had a huge party dinner thing that was way good. There was a ton of dancing and i heard it went until about 1 am so pretty crazy hahah. I went on exchanges with one of the english elders here in our area and went and did some teaching with him which went really well! I also got sick this week and am still sick right now. We stayed in 1 day and it helped to just be able to kinda sleep it off. Other than that i cant think of much else.

It was a good week with teaching the family and being sick and then the party at the church. Its been a lot of eating this week. We eat so much which is a good thing and all the food is still super good. Sometimes idk what it is but its always good so we all just eat mystery meat hahah. Ill attatch some pics of the party. Hope everyones week was good! And you all did something fun! Have another good week. Feel free to email or write me. My address here is- 1250 main street broomfield colorado 80020

Heres some pics for you all

Me and snoop dogg
A lookout point of colorado
Me and my comp and another companionship and some sisters with a family for dinner.


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