May 7, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Gerloff


Hey everyone! This week was pretty good and it went by pretty fast which is always very good hahaha

On Tuesday we got to teach someome which was really good! This lady named Monique she has pretty much been taught almost everything but still wants to learn more before she is baptized. She is super nice and loves the book of mormon and understands it really well so that was fun to teach her. Im not too sure what we even did this week. Just going to a bunch of referrals that werent interested hahah but we also might have another guy and his family we are teaching. We taught then once so we will see if they are there for their return appointment. Most families arent. Its a classic but it is what it is. We did some service on friday we helped set up for a blood drive and then more missionaries went on saturday and helped with it more. We have had some way good food and all the families make so much food and if you dont have 2nds or 3rds no matter how big the meal is they think you dont like it and offer to make you something else even after your first plate. So we pretty much dont have to eat all day because dinner is usually 4 meals itself hahah its pretty nice!!

Sunday was pretty good. It was fast and testimony meeting and a lot of people went up. I couldnt understand much but i usually got the main part of what they would say which was good. After that was sunday school and pretty much the same. I understood some of it

I almost forgot we went to the temple on wednesday which was way cool but it was kinda far so we had to get up at 5am which wasnt the best. But the temple is super pretty and our whole zone was there which was nice!

Other than those 2 people we are teaching i cant think of anything else that happened. I hope everyone had a good week though and has another good one! Thanks for all the support

-Elder Labrum

1. Some nuts bronco fan house. There are a few of these i have seen. People go wild out here
2 us at the service project
3 me and my comp at the temple
4 just the sky


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