April 15, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Reusch

Master Oogway

Hey everyone. This week was pretty good but I don't remember too much that happened so it is probably gonna be pretty short. But last monday we went to a members house that had a forge and we got to use that with him and make some cool stuff out of metal which was way neat! After that we had a zone P-Day so we went with the whole zone and had a BBQ and played soccer and volleyball it was super fun!

On Tuesday we had our normal sevice of packing food for familes and that went good and I guess last week was volunteer appreciation week so we got a ton of gifts mostly food from them so that was good to have to snack on throughout the week. Wednesday we had interviews with our Mission President just to see how we are doing and how we are liking our areas and that went well other than that im not too sure what happened but it did snow a little bit so that was nice to have some cooler weather again haha.

On Thursday we helped a little bit in the church they were redoing some of the walls that had carpet on them so we were tearing that off and then we had some more service that we usually have every thursday as well. Friday we had District council and a zone meeting type of thing haha where we talked about easter coming up and easter sunday. It was pretty good.

I also forgot on tuesday morning I went on Exchanges with the Zone leaders so I went with them for the day and knocked doors and slept over with them that night and the power went out that night before we went to bed in the whole neighborhood so that was pretty nice honestly cause then the whole house was pitch black so it was easier to sleep. And also during our interviews the president talked to everyone and banned floral ties in the mission which was pretty upsetting but its whatever haha

Today we went on a cool hike in the morning up to the mountains and it was way pretty and nice to get out! After that we came home and saw a snapping turtle in our back yard so naturally we had to catch it and take pictures with it before putting it back in the water.

Other than that I can't think of anything else that happened this week I think I covered it all. Oh wait just last night we talked to like 3 people for about 30 min each and they all said we could come back so that was a good part to the week haha. Hope everyone else had a good week. We also have our dinner calender full for this entire week which is amazing!!! Its been a couple weeks we were always missing a couple days a week. See you all next week!!

-Elder Labrum


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