April 1, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Finally P Day

Hey everyone this week there wasnt too much that happened aside from the knocking doors and eating food haha but it was a good week!

We had a lot of service this week like last week. We helped out at 2 places like last time where they give to families in need with clothes and food. We actually prepared a ton of meals for the families. We made close to 200 family sized meals in about an hour and a half so it was really awesome! After that it was about 12 so we just did studies and then went and knocked some doors. We also did some more service on thursday. we do the same service every week on tuesday snd thursday here. Thursday is just oranizing a bunch of clothes and toys that this place basically has a store for but everything is free. So they only keep the nicest stuff so its pretty much brand new so families can have a normal store like experience when choosing things out and thats pretty cool as well.

During this last week we havent found anyone new but we did get to eat with some members that havent been going to church that often and we got to talk with them and that was good. We also went to this ladies house named Wendy who hadnt been to church for a while and asked if we could find her a ride and she said she would love that so we got her to church which was awesome as well.

There was one guys house that we were told we should go check out that he has shown interest before. But on the notes of the referral it said "park the car at a far safe spot. Dont ask why just do it" so we were super excited cause it seemed like a fun spot hahah. When we got up to the house you can hear some massive dogs barking and most the places we knock doors at their dogs arent the nicest. we knocked and no one answered so we knocked again and the guy inside just starts yelling at us and tells us to go away so we said thanks and then left haha. That was about the most exciting thing that happened haha

It also snowed this week on friday night which was cool to wake up to. We got about 6 inches but at like 11 on saturday morning it qas all melted but it was nice to have for a little bit!

Other than that i cant think of anything super crazy that happened this week. Just a usual week which was super good! I forgot too to include my phisical mail address for letter and stuff. It is

1250 main street
Broomfield Colorado 80020

Hope everyone has a good week!

1 in our backyard
2 some bomb food we had at a members house
3 just the mountain we hiked to the top of last p day


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