March 31, 2019


Denver, Colorado


A full week in Denver, getting to know the llamas

Hola a todos
My first full week in Denver! I'm gonna make this one just about the goods cause not too much happened and I dont wanna have a long boring email. All we did was a lot of knocking doors and a lot of rejection hahah

On Tuesday we have a service type thing it's at a place that helps out families in need so we were organizing food and clothes and a ton of other stuff we did that for about 2 hours. We also had another service at a very similar place and we were just organizing clothes at that place for 4 hours and then on Saturday we had another service project where we cleaned someone's house and lemme tell ya this house was pretty rough. We spent 7 hours cleaning 2 rooms and we had 5 of us cleaning. We were thinking it was only gonna be about 3 hours at most but it ended up being our whole day but it was still a pretty nice way to spend the day.

This week we also had a correlation where we just talk to our ward mission leader about those we are teaching and members we can help and all that good stuff. Our week has been pretty slow we have no one we are teaching so it's just been a lot of looking and we haven't had much luck with that. A good thing though is just how nice all the members are. We eat at a members house just about every day which is very nice and they always have such good food!! Just yesterday we ate at a members house who always challenges us to finish all the food he makes and no one has ever won that challenge. He made us a ton of pulled pork sandwiches some bbq beans some kale and asparagus and then he had a ton of chicken he grilled along with a few racks of ribs and then some stuffing and cake for dessert. After we ate that I just about threw up. I've never been so full in my life but it was way good food!!

Today we took a tour of the Celestial seasonings factory here and it was way cool! They had a bunch of herbal tea you could just taste test for free and they were all good and then they gave us a tour of the whole factory and where they get all their herbs and stuff so that was pretty sweet and a good way to spend a couple hours!

Not too much else happened this week. A lot of walking and knocking doors so a good week overall. Hope everyone had a good week and that this week will be good too.

I also almost forgot there was a trash can at the church parking lot that caught on fire so we called the fire department so that was pretty fine and exciting haha


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