March 18, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Olsen

A long journey to Denver

This week has been crazy. So I'm just gonna start with tuesday when I was getting ready to leave to denver because other than that it was just normal days ar the mtc.

Entonces, martes I was getting all packed and cleaning up everything to get ready to leave. My flight was at 6:50 and we left the mtc at 3 am. We were supposed to be to reception 30 min early to weigh our bags one more time and make sure everything was ready. I set my alarm for 2 am and woke up at 2:45 to the sound of our house phone ringing wondering where I was so I hurry and got changed and packed my toothbrush and everything and then ran to reception and then about 5 min later the van came to take us to the airport so almost missed the flight hahah. Once we got to the airport we were waiting for an hour and a half for our flight to start boarding and then we were finally on

I slept the whole way and when we got to Dallas I checked in with american airlines and they said my flight to Denver was canceled cause they had a snowstorm so they rescheduled me for 7:10 that same night that one also got canceled so the senior missionaries came and picked me up from Dallas and took us out to eat put me with some elders in Dallas! I was with them and we taught 2 lessons that night so got to work right away Haha. After that we just went home and got ready for bed. The next day we did weekly planning with them and then talked to a few people but one of the lessons we had fell through. The next day we went out knocking doors with no luck but still fun. I left that same day (friday) to get on a flight to Denver.

I finally got to Denver and it is so nice here! The mission president, President Savage and his wife are awesome and way cool! They made a way good dinner for me and the two sisters I flew in with that was really good. I met my companions at their house! I am in a trio which is awesome! My trainer Elder Olsen is a district leader and is from mexico/ California so he speaks spanish and English perfectly. My other comp is Elder Ruesch and hes a way cool guy too doesn't say too much but an awesome guy he is from Missouri I'm pretty sure haha! I got to know them a little and we had a meeting with a family who their dad is getting baptized so we went to their house with the AP to do the final baptism interview after that we went home.

Sabado we got up and ready and drove to a couple members houses to see if they were coming to the baptism and I didn't understand one thing that was being said Haha pero esta bien. After we went and knocked doors for a couple hours and then had some comp study and then orientation for me which was good! And then we started getting ready for the baptism which was stressful haha. We were planning on just having cookies and snacks like that like you usually do ar baptisms but all the Latinos here just want to feed everyone. All of Hermano Maximino Perez familia showed up and brought a ton of food! So that was nice to have cause we didn't have dinner planned for that night. Such good food too. Everything here has been bomb!

I almost forgot to tell about our house. We are staying at a members house that is way nice! It's like a cabin but not really. It's a gated house and we stay in the basement and the lady who owns it just lives upstairs and is 93 years old! In the back yard there is a huge pond/lake with a dock and a couple of canoes it's so nice! Her property is way big we walked around it all and there is a stream in the way back that runs through her property and then a cool big forest. There are about 100 geese that come in the back yard in the morning hahah. But yeah it's super fun here and nice.

Domingo was pretty cool! We are in an English ward that had a spanish group so that little group is only about 25 people so we do class first while the English is doing their sacrament and then switch. I didn't understand much that was said in the talks cause everyone talk insanely fast but it was still pretty good and everyone is super nice! Everytime we go to someone's house they always make us dinner so I'm having 2-3 dinners within a couple hours but it's all good food so I can't complain!

Lunes I came here with no jackets since I went down to Mexico I didn't need any for the first while so now we are just going shopping for food and clothes and anything else we need to get! But it's super awesome here and way pretty good. My comps are way cool and our house is awesome! That's about it for everything that happened hahah I hope everyone had a great week and hope you have another good one. Nos vemos


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