March 7, 2019


Mexico Missionary Training Center


Last week in the MTC!!

Hola everyone y Buenas dias! I hope everyone's week was good! It's my last week here in the MTC I leave Wednesday at about 3 am here to catch my flight at 6 am. I'm super excited to get to Denver and start working! The MTC has taught me a ton and I'm excited to learn even more. There hasn't been too much exciting stuff happen this week it's just been class as normal but everyone has been excited to get out of here so it's hard to focus Haha.

On Friday the first day of March it was pretty rough. My comp has pretty much given up on trying to plan lessons so it's a huge pain trying to get a lesson together every day with him but the lesson we taught on Friday I planned just about the whole thing but then he talked most the time he could prolly tell I was pretty upset so I guess it worked out Haha. Not much after that lesson just went to lunch and then we had a our last workshop while we were here which are always good and it's someone in our branch presidency that teaches them Hermano Lopez and he is a way good teacher.

Saturday me and my comp gave a lesson on Joseph Smith and the restoration and it was actually a way good lesson. Since Sunday was going to be fast Sunday we start Saturday at lunch and then dont eat until Sunday lunch so it's a 24 hour fast. It started off good but then our night class went an hour later than normal so it was a 5 hour class which was pretty rough while I was fasting I couldn't really focus on anything Haha.

Sunday was a good day we just had normal fast and testimony meeting which is always good and I like hearing it all in spanish after sacrament meeting its just priesthood class and then we have a district meeting then lunch that was so good!!!! and then a zone meeting. At our zone meeting we had another testimony meeting in English cause not everyone had time to share theirs in church and the district above us was all leaving Monday and tuesday so it ended up being really good and hearing all their testimonies right before they were about to leave was awesome!

Monday was literally nothing hahaha we just had class as usual like every day but not much else besides that. Nothing too exciting to share at least. I'll throw tuesday in here as well. On tuesday we welcomed the new missionaries that were coming to the MTC and showed them around a little bit and showed them their houses and their classrooms which was pretty fun. After that we just had more class then lunch and gym and then class again. Later in the night we had a devotional by one of the mtc presidency Elder Caldwell. It was pretty good.

Wednesday was just a normal day everyone just gets excited every day we get closer to leaving. Everyone loves it here but everyone wants to leave as well and be able to have normal food. All the food here has gotten pretty boring. It's the same old stuff every single time so a lot of time I just have chocolate milk for my meal haha and it works out pretty good. Other than just class and study time nothing too exciting happened on wednesday but it was still a good day.

Today our whole zone went and played sand volleyball at 745 and we played for a few hours which was super fun. There hasn't been too much else just a nice day to relax and pack the rest of our bags. Everything had to be packed by tuesday so i've kinda just been living out of my suitcase which has been pretty rough haha pero esta bien. overall esta semana ha sido muy bueno y muy ocupado con clase y todo hacemos cada dia.

I hope everyone had a good week and I'll talk to you all next week when Im in Denver!!! Thats crazy!!

A hermana in our district just face times her brother who at that moment was selling a car to Taysom Hill and we got to talk to him. So sick!!


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