February 28, 2019


Mexico Missionary Training Center


Week 4

This week was pretty good but nothing too exciting happened so it is gonna be pretty short haha on Friday and Saturday they were just normal days just got up and got ready and went to class and then taught our teachers. We had a pretty good lesson on Friday about repentence. On Saturday we had a thing called TRC on our schedule and it's when you go and talk to members sometimes non members and just talk to them inside the mtc about their lives and then share a short message at the end and that was pretty fun!

Sunday we just had normal sacrament meeting but it's always pretty good! We had 4 people speak one from each district in our zone and our district had a hermana speak. At the end of every sacrament we always have about 20 min left and our branch president speaks for the rest of the time and he is the coolest guy. I'll have to get a pic with him to send next week but his name is President Suaste and he's a short guy and so funny hahah at night we had a devotional by our mtc president that was pretty good but he talks pretty boring so it's hard to focus the whole time.

Monday was pretty uneventful I just remember being dead tired that day so class was rough but we taught in the morning that day and it actually went pretty good. Tuesday we had class and then all the new missionaries came in and then we had a devotional at night that was being broadcast from provo by Elder D. Todd Christofferson and it was super good he talked about how we need to do our best and give our best effort even with small things and putting our trust in the lord. way good talk.

Wednesday was pretty good but one of the Elders living in our house that was way cool. Elder Boehme decided he wanted to go home. He was struggling with the language a lot so he found out he was going home Thursday morning at 8 am so that night we all kinda just had a party in our house with a bunch of food hahah it was pretty fun but I'll miss that guy. Today I woke up and said bye to him and ate breakfast and then came back home and took a good 2 hour nap which I really needed. Now I'm just gonna play some volleyball and relax today hahah I also got my haircut today which was pretty good the lady just asks if you want a 2 or 3 on the sides and then does the top how she wants it and the chairs dont go up and down so she just say to sit up taller or slouch so she can see what shes doing hahah but it turned out good.

I hope everyone's week was good! Sorry this week is pretty short I didn't have too much happen just a normal week but its crazy I'll be out of here in a week and 4 days!! Ik super excited to finally get to go to denver and teach the people there! The weather is gonna be rough though. I looked and on Sunday the high is 16 degrees and a low of 1 so its gonna be a big jump from sunny all the time and 75 degrees here all day hahah. We also found a big palm leaf and put it in our casa to add some decoration haha


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