February 22, 2019


Mexico Missionary Training Center


Week 3

So friday was very exciting Haha I went to the orthodontist to get my retainer fixed and lemme tell ya I thought it would somewhat decent I really wasnt expecting a lot but I was still expecting too much. When we got there you ring a door bell for them to open a steel gate but you can see the people in the waiting area which is no joke 4 feet across by 10 feet long that holds 7 holding chairs with no room to spare. (I'll attach some pics) you take half a step off the street and boom your in the waiting room hahaha. They have one door that opens where they call you in. There is only one dentist and one room and while I was in the waiting room I could just hear the drill going the whole time. Reminded me of finding Nemo hahaha and while we are waiting there our guide or whatever you wanna call him. The guy that drove us to the orthodontist that was supposed to watch us and help us out just got up and said ill be in the van and just left me and my comp hahah one they called me in it was actually very hard to tell them what I needed cause not one person in there could understand me. But after about 20 min of explaining they finally knew what i needed and had a nee retainer made for me. So that was a fun experience!

Saturday we just went to class in the morning and then class at night nothing too exciting. I was working on my talk like the whole day as well Haha it's very hard to writing 5 mins worth in spanish. But our district leaders are the ones who basically choose who is going to talk. They reccomend to the president who they think should talk and the president almost always goes with it so once I was finished with my talk our district leaders told me they were gonna choose my comp so that took a little stress off for Sunday hahah.

So Sunday came around and me and my comp were told to get the sacrament bread and water after breakfast so we did that and then went and set it up for sacrament and then we were asked to bless it and it's pretty scary doing that and I'm pretty sure I said half the words wrong but its chill hahah. Once sacrament started the district leader looked at me and said " we got em" so I knew I was in the clear. Then the president stands up and says my comp Elder Wheeler will be the last speaker so that was pretty neat and funny. He wasnt too excited about that. After that we had a devotional that night that was about the doctrine of christ and it was pretty good and after that we went to bed.

Monday was pretty exciting as well hahah we had class and practiced teaching. We are up to teaching 20 min lessons now so it's getting pretty good and me and my comp do pretty decent everytime. After that we had lunch which was also very good no complaints and after lunch is gym time and for gym our district decided to do volleyball together inside the gym so we started playing and a ton of people came so to switch out faster once you make a mistake you go out so it's pretty fun. Well I was in for a while and we had a guy that could spike the ball pretty good so I set him and he jumped and spiked it hard but it was kinda weird and he lost his balance and fell on me and hit my head but it wasnt too bad so we were about to serve again and I felt my head and looked at my hand and it was covered in blood and then some kid yelled that I was bleeding everywhere. So turns out he cut my head a little but it was just bleeding a lot (there will be a pic of the cut. It's not bad but be prepared) so I went to the doctor right away and the whole back of my shirt had a good amount of blood on it and they just cleaned it up and then super glued it shut Haha and I got to miss class cause of it cause they told me to just lay down for the day so it was nice to have a break.

Tuesday we just got new missionaries in and had a devotional at night by Elder Pingree a member of the 70 and he gave a way good talk just about missionary work our normal afternoon teacher Hermano Rosales finally came back from being sick for about 2 weeks so it's nice to have him back other than that nothing else happened

Wednesday and Thursday can be together cause Wednesday is short. We had our normal classes and since it's our 4th week we are only supposed to talk very minimal English in class so it's pretty tough cause I still know like no words Haha but it's getting better. Later that night we had a testimony meeting with our district and that was super awesome and then Thursday (today) we went to the temple again this morning and this time I decided to listen to the whole thing in spanish instead of getting a translator. It was pretty good and I understood a lot of it which was awesome! But other than that it was a pretty good and busy week with a lot that happened hahah


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