March 7, 2018


Le Chesnay, France


The work continues despite the weather

Dear Friends and Family,

We have had an interesting winter here. It has rained a lot and even snowed 9 inches one day, which is very unusual for Paris. It was the big news story and affected many areas in France. With all of the rain prior to the snow, the Seine River flooded in Paris and along the villages out until it empties into the English Channel. Richard and I went to see the flooding near Notre Dame.

For one of our senior missionary family home evenings, Richard did a slideshow presentation on the Pilgrim fathers and his 8th great grandfather, William Bradford. He noted how Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Emma Hale Smith all descend from John Howland, who fell overboard from the Mayflower ship, but who was rescued from certain death.

The temple has not been quite as busy during the bad weather, but has picked up quite a bit in the past few weeks. We have both been veil coordinators implementing new procedures to make it run smoother.

We have also coordinated at the baptistry and had many wonderful experiences. It has been rewarding to see the changes that have taken place in the baptistry since the Church announced that beginning in 2018, priests can baptize and be witnesses and the young women can help give out towels and do other assignments. The young men and women have been so eager and faithful in serving in these areas. One of the young women told Karen that as she has served she has felt the spirit so strong that it is hard for her to leave the temple. The missionaries have brought their new converts of a month or few weeks to be baptized for the dead and some have even brought the names of their ancestors to do. What a special experience for all of us to witness these times. If these converts and youth can feel the spirit in the temple and have a good experience, then it will strengthen and protect them from the world as stated by the general authorities.

Our friends, Kent and Kae Servoss, came for a visit the end of February. We enjoyed our time with them and hope they had a good visit. It was freezing the whole time they were here, unfortunately. The day after they left the temperature was 50 degrees!

We have been inspired serving in the temple each day and have been able to see the speed with which temple work is increasing and the gospel is spreading in France and around the world. It is such a privilege to serve here and to see what happens when a new temple affects a whole country. Many people have heard about the Mormons because of news reports about the temple. Uber and taxi drivers know what this building is now as they bring people from all over the world.

We have now served over half of our mission and look forward to many good things ahead.

Elder and Sister Bradford


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