October 30, 2017


Le Chesnay, France


Paris in the fall

Dear Family and Friends,

We have had a beautiful fall here in Le Chesnay and have enjoyed the beautiful trees and flowers on the temple grounds. On the boulevard in front of the temple, trees line the street on both sides. They have been trimmed in a rectangular shape, which is very apparent now that the leaves have quickly fallen.

On Oct. 8, the senior missionaries celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving since Elder and Sister Piepgrass are from Calgary, Canada, and Elder Pitcher is from Canada. We met at President and Sister Giraud-Carrier’s home and had a delicious feast! I made an apple pie slab and dressing. We were all very full.

Saturday was the stake high priests’ dinner at the Versailles Chapel. There was a large turnout. We had three different courses with assigned potluck. The first course included a large variety of main dishes and salads. We had French bread and some very tasty soft cheeses for the second course. The final course was dessert. It rivaled any bakery and was very delicious. Afterwards there was dancing.

It was a busy weekend with Church the next day and then a fireside with Elder Ballard that evening. During Sacrament meeting a young LDS woman named Ginger Costa Jackson, who is from the USA and is performing at the Paris Opera House, sang “O Divine Redeemer.” It was sung with such emotion and power that most of the congregation was in tears. You really felt the meaning of the song.

That evening there was a fireside broadcast from Frankfurt, Germany, for 39 countries in Europe. Elder Gary B. Sabin said, “We worry about things that don’t matter. Remember who you are. People get in trouble when they forget who they are. Become who we promised we would be.” Elder L. Whitney Clayton said, “How we keep the Sabbath reflects our lives to the Savior.” Elder M. Russell Ballard said, “Satan is raging in the hearts of men. We are in danger when we have apathy, and are too busy in life. We need to sit and feel the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to focus and believe in miracles! It is up to the members in Europe now to share the gospel and build up the Church to be ready to greet Christ when He comes.”

The senior missionaries had a fun trip together to Paris with President Pierre and Sister Josiane Lazeras. They showed us some beautiful cathedrals, where he went to medical school, and then we walked through The Luxembourg gardens and the Latin Quarter. Pres. Lazeras is the first counselor in the temple presidency, and she is assistant matron.

The temple has been very busy! The school children are on a two-week break, so many wards and families are here to do temple work. The young people have done many baptismal sessions. The adults are doing many endowments, session after session, and we have had more new endowments and marriage sealings.

Monday evening, Richard helped arrange for Doug and Pauline Todd (who oversaw the construction of the Paris France Temple for four years), to talk to the senior missionaries and temple presidency via Facebook messenger. They had a PowerPoint presentation showing all the stages of construction. It was very interesting and powerful to hear of the many miracles that took place during that time.

We are very grateful to be here at this time serving in this new temple that is busy and loved by the French members. We have come to understand more the powerful ordinances that are performed in the Lord’s House. Our Heavenly Father loves each of us and has given us the necessary things to be with Him and our families forever. May we each spend more time in His house and feel the peace and serenity there.

Elder and Sister Bradford


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