December 30, 2019




Anziano Tyler Brady


Dang, living in Tuscany is nice. This week has just been so much fun with Christmas and everything! Christmas eve we had lunch with the Ianni family(love them) and after had a lesson with Nicolò, our investigator! After we played calcetto(foozball) and then monopoly with the YSA. let me tell ya, it is so nice to work with young people! I swear I am so sick of working and teaching all these old people man. Here we have a good amount of youth and YSA and so we do lots of work with them and it has been so refreshing, fun and efficient! 
On Christmas we were invited to lunch by a lonely old woman who is almost blind haha! She was so happy when we came, she just kept saying she didn't want to be alone on Christmas. So we were there, and the food wasn't that bad! It made my comp and I feel good just giving an old lady some company on Christmas. Then the next day we went down to Valdarno because I had to do a bapt interview, and when the lady walked in, she shocked because I was not expecting to interview a 3 foot tall midget from Peru! Haha! But she was so sweet and got baptized on Sunday😁 
Recently I have been thinking about these song lyrics: 
1. A poor wayfaring Man of grief. Hath often crossed me on my way, Who sued so humbly for relief. That I could never answer nay. I had not pow’r to ask his name, Whereto he went, or whence he came; Yet there was something in his eye. That won my love; I knew not why.2. Once, when my scanty meal was spread, He entered; not a word he spake, Just perishing for want of bread. I gave him all; he blessed it, brake, and ate, but gave me part again. Mine was an angel’s portion then, For while I fed with eager haste, The crust was manna to my taste.6. In pris’n I saw him next, condemned to meet a traitor’s doom at morn. The tide of lying tongues I stemmed, and honored him ’mid shame and scorn. My friendship’s utmost zeal to try, He asked if I for him would die. The flesh was weak; my blood ran chill, But my free spirit cried, “I will!”
7. Then in a moment to my view the stranger started from disguise. The tokens in his hands I knew; The Savior stood before mine eyes. He spake, and my poor name he named, “Of me thou hast not been ashamed. These deeds shall thy memorial be; Fear not, thou didst them unto me.”

The last thing Hyrum and Jospeph heard before the bullets came ripping through cartridge jail, were these words. Was this song, and who is this Poor and wayfaring man? It's christ. The last thing they heard about was Christ. That's really why they were killed. Not only because they knew about him but because they KNEW him. The atonement is so very personal, and so very real. I love this song because it changes my view of the world. It helps me recognize, that with all the people that are suffering in this world, there is Christ suffering along with them. That when we help, love and serve them, that we also serve Him. Oh I cannot express how important it is to help and truly love others. Please do it!
Please do whatever it takes to know him. To know about Christ it takes a brain, but to know him, takes a heart, a connection from his heart to yours. In Italian there are to words for "to know": Conoscere and sapere. Sapere is used for more of a factual knowledge of somethings as conoscere is used for a more personal meaning as in the familiarity of a person or place. It is very important to "sapere" Christ and clearly I'm not taking anything away from that, but we need to "conoscere" him. Read, serve and pray people! He truly does live. 


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