December 18, 2019




Anziano Tyler Brady


Oh man, that hurt. I got transferred out of Sanrmeo after 6 months. I really gave my all to that city. That city really changed my life! There was an old lady that we were teaching named Monica, and she really wanted to be baptized but couldn't because she could quit smoking. But she is the most sincere pure hearted women in this country. When she heard I was leaving, she called some members, and them walk her down to the Jewlery Store, where she picked out a bracelet for me and had on the back engraved, "C.T.R. = Gesù"(Jesus). Then she planned a big lunch for me with some members and game me the bracelet with a note and it flippin brought me to tears! It was the sweetest and nicest thing ever. Touched my heart. Anyway Silvia is getting baptized on Friday! Bummer! Missed it by two days haha! But that's how it be sometimes. Now I'm here at prato. Which is right next to Florence. So ya, now I'm just chillin in Tuscany. 
Ya this place has had some hard times lately. Dead missionaries, apostate missionaries and the zone is kind of a mess too. But I'm gonna whip her back in shape in no time. It's a good challenge. My new comp is a legend and lived through all the crap that happened. His name is Anziano Brady. This is gonna be a good time.
I have learned lately how much joy comes from truly loving people. I LOVED those people in Sanremo. It hurts now that I had to leave them. But how could I appreciate the joy if I never had to live through the crap! I also took a seminary test last night in Italian and it made me miss semianry. Those were some good times. Ciao ciao!


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